American Apparel Nail Lacquer

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I heard about the American Apparel Nail Lacquer when it first came out but I’m not going to lie…I was a bit skeptical. I am used to my favorite brands like Lippmann, Zoya, OPI, Chanel and Nars but the colors looked bright and fun…and they were 3 for $15 so I didn’t have much to lose. I used it for the first time the other day (in Mouse) and I was seriously impressed. It’s the perfect balance of not too thin and not too thick (which is hard to find with nail polish these days), it goes on very smooth and it lasts for a long time. I usually chip my nails within the first few days of painting them. A few weeks ago I used Mouse (a taupe-like color…very in right now) and it stayed on for over a week with NO chipping. There are also a ton of awesome colors to choose from. I only bought 3 but there will definitely be more American Apparel Nail Lacquer in my ever-growing nail polish collection very soon. I used Mount Royal last night (a blue/purple color) which is awesome and I still have yet to use Factory Grey (self-explanatory color).

Recapping why American Apparel Nail Lacquer is AWESOME:

1. The colors are awesome! Whether you like brights, darks or neutrals…there’s a color for everyone!

2. The quality of the polish is great. It’s not so thin where you have to apply like 3 coats but it’s not too thick where the polish bubbles. Perfect consistency!

3. They’re fairly inexpensive. OPI nail polish tends to run around $8 each and Lippmann goes for about $16 each so for a quality nail polish, $6 for an American Apparel nail polish is a great deal.

4. Not only is the quality great, they are all D&P, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. Safe and healthy painting J

5. It goes on very smooth and lasts longer than most nail polishes I’ve used in the past.

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So what are you waiting for? Check out your local American Apparel to pick up some fabulous new colors!


Have you tried American Apparel Nail Lacquer? If so, what do you think? If not, would you try it? I want to hear your thoughts!

Look of the Day: Diane von Furstenberg

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The Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2010 RTW collection was one of my favorites to come out of New York Fashion Week. Not only is Diane a very powerful, successful and influential women in the fashion world, her collections are always young, modern, and very chic. I absolutely loved the hats from this collection (see photo above). Not sure if I’d ever wear one but I thought it was great for the runway and it was a fun accessory to add to her collection. Although there were many pieces I obsessed over from this collection, this is my favorite look because it encompasses a variety of styles. The leather pants and blazer make it edgy, the colorful top makes it flirty and the hat makes it fun. What more can you ask for? That’s just my opinion though…what’s yours?

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Look of the Day: Badgley Mischka

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 Lots of embelishments and beading seen on the models of Badgley Mischka for Fall 2010. I saw many dresses that could be potential Oscar options but we’ll just have to wait until March 7 to see! I love this look because it’s a fun little black dress. It’s a great balance of the LBD glammed up with the diagonal strips of sparkle and shine. Throw on a long vest to make it cool and you’ve deemed yourself the life of the party (without having to say a word). That’s just my opinion though…what’s yours?

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My Interview with Adam Lippes

I am SO excited about this interveiw with Adam Lippes, the man behind ADAM. He makes beautiful wearable clothes and I truly love everything he does. I came up with some questions I wanted to know about him and his career and I hope that you enjoy what he has to say…I sure did!


Me: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be involved in fashion?

Adam: After graduating from Cornell, I actually went to Paris to study art history and architecture at the American University in Paris and it was really there that my love of fashion was ignited and grew.

Me: Did you always know you wanted to do fashion design or were there other aspects of the industry that interested you?

Adam: Obviously I staggered a bit from the career where I am today when it came to my schooling at Cornell (I studied psychology).  I come from a family of lawyers but I think, in some sense, I knew I had this love of fashion, but I just didn’t know how much it would become a large part of my life or my career until much later.

Me: I see you worked for Oscar De La Renta. What was your experience like with such a prestigious designer?

Adam: I feel very fortunate to of had the experience that I did working at Oscar de la Renta and I have to give all my fashion knowledge to Oscar.  I grew up there and from, arguably, one of the best designers in the world (I joke that I went to school at Universitá de la Renta).  I feel like my innate sense of style stems from my mother but, specifically, what I do now I credit to Oscar: color, fit, fabric, embroidery…you name it.

Me: What were you feeling when you first showed at New York Fashion Week in 2007?

Adam: Nervous! There are no other words to describe your first runway show…none. It’s unreal.

Me: Your most recent show was a less than two weeks ago…have you already begun thinking about your next collection? If so, where are you drawing your inspiration from?

Adam: You always have to be thinking ahead when you’re working in this business.  With that being said, I have started thinking about inspiration for next season but, for now, I’m trying not to limit myself.  I’m just trying to take in as much as possible because you never know when something unique can strike you.
Me: How would you describe your overall design style?

Adam: In 2004, we launched this line with a group of t-shirts and the idea was that they would become the basis for our fashion collection.  The collection is based on chic and easy American sportswear and what we are trying to accomplish is to take inspiration from everywhere (travel, the art world, and people on the street) and then mix it all together which is what is so special about American sportswear.
Me: Any words of advice for those aspiring to be in fashion?

Adam: Trust your basic instincts and don’t be afraid to take risks…look where it can take you! I graduated with a degree in psychology from Cornell so, if anything, I’m living proof that you don’t necessarily have to be professionally trained to find success in this business.
Me: What’s the one motto you live by?

Adam: A motto I live by as an American sportswear designer is “Make a twist on the casual.” There’s nothing I love more than seeing a woman wearing an ADAM design that’s wearable, can take her from day to night, and that’s always chic but approachable.

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A special shout out to Adam for taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you so much! For more information about Adam and where you can purchase his amazing clothes, check out and follow him on Twitter @adamlippes.

Look of the Day: Zac Posen

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Zac Posen is one of my favorite designers and he is also a favorite of many celebrities ranging in age and style. His clientele includes everyone from Claire Danes and Demi Moore to Rihanna and Leighton Meester…and many many more. He really knows how to cater to everyone which is an important quality in a designer. Zac had several amazing looks in his Fall 2010 RTW collection. Of the 41 shown, this one was my favorite because (although the furry shoes may be controversial) I am in LOVE with the fur coat. It’s definitely not for everyday but I think it’s a risk to do a fur coat with color and a pattern and I appreciate that. But that’s  just my opinion…what’s yours?


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