Summer Spa Packages on Rue La La

Summer is here and what better time for rejuvenation and renewal. This week on Rue La La you can exhale completely by pampering yourself with luxurious spa services.

Exhale Spa: Available Tuesday, June 29th at 11AM EST for 48 hours. With a philosophy centered on the belief that the mind and body are connected, and that the best approach to well-being is through holistic means, this week’s Boutique will help you achieve that beach-ready body faster than you think.  Participating locations include: New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Santa Monica and South Florida.

Also, experience fabulous fashion and accessories items this week on Rue La La through these exclusive Boutiques:

  • Hunter Dixon
  • Shirt by Shirt
  • Garnett Hill

To access Rue La La’s members-only Boutiques immediately, please click here.

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Currently Channeling: Margherita Missoni

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In honor of my latest purchase, a vintage Missoni dress, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the heiress and face of the brand, Margherita Missoni (who also happens to be one of my style icons). Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she can pull off just about anything and everything she wears. Only Margherita could wear a floor-length dress and her signature Missoni headband (sporting it “hippie-style” of course) to a black-tie event…and get away with it. She has such a sweet and refreshing face that I just can’t help but think, “why aren’t we friends yet Margherita?”

Some of my favorite Margherita Missoni moments:

Photo Credit

At the Chanel Fine Jewelry Dinner 2008

Photo Credit

At the Rome International Film Festival 2008

Photo Credit

At the Costume Institute Party 2004

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At the amFAR New York Gala 2010

Spotlight: Hanneli Mustaparta

I came across Hanneli’s blog while looking for fashion photography. I absolutely fell in love with her site right away. Her photos are simple and sweet yet very stylish. When I clicked the “About” section, I found out she’s a model and styles fashion stories and music videos…and to top that off, she’s an MTV VJ in Norway. So basically, I love Hanneli. You are awesome.

One of my favorite parts about her blog…almost every photo is taken by Hanneli herself. Model, stylist, MTV VJ, AND fashion photographer? Is there anything you can’t do Hanneli?

Here are some of my favorite photos from Hanneli:


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Qlix Magazine

I want to begin by apologizing for my extended leave of absence from blogging. As you can see from my last post (which was quite some time ago), I was in Australia for about 3 weeks… and upon my return, I began interning for Qlix Magazine. I discovered Qlix around the launch of their first issue (earlier this year) and I was beyond impressed with the publication. It’s very different from any other fashion magazine I’ve read with regards to content and layout. Qlix covers emerging designers and “under-the-radar” fashion concepts which I always find to be the most interesting. The magazine comes in an unconventional form, an envelope with multiple inserts and fold outs, which makes it stand out from any ordinary magazine.

Because I knew I always wanted to work for a fashion magazine, this was the perfect opportunity to jump on. So with that said…I will be writing a blog post for every week and I hope you can check it out. My first one was posted last week and it’s all about my fashion experiences in Australia. Click here to see my first Qlix blog post.

I will do my best to keep up with my ChiCityFashion blog but definitely check out for updates on ISSUE 02, Photo of the Week winners, Qlix blog and the DISSUE (digital issue).