Red Carpet Fashion: Best Dressed at the 2010 Emmy Awards

What did you think of the Emmys last night? Did you agree with who won? Do you even care? Let’s get to the important part…the clothes. I like to celebrate who got it right (and who almost did) but we won’t dwell on any WTF moments. We can save that for E! Fashion Police tonight 🙂

And the nominees for best dressed…

Claire Danes in Armani Privé

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Normally, I am not one for simplicity. Although this dress may not seem simple due to the sequins and sparkle, it’s a simple color and silhouette therefore I deem it quite simple. However, I think she looks absolutely stunning. The gown fits her perfectly, her hair has a little something going on but not too much and her makeup is perfection. She could have gone a little more with the makeup, possibly a pop of color on the lip, but overall she had a great night and she totally rocked that dress.


Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

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I know Lea has already had a black ODLR moment (see my Golden Globes post) but this one definitely tops it. It’s difficult to do black on the red carpet because the exquisite detailing of the gown doesn’t always show, but Lea totally rocked this look. Although I’m a huge fan of Oscar, his gowns can be a little “serious” which is why I love the playfulness and youthful look of her hair and makeup; it perfectly balances the entire look. Plus, how fabulous is that necklace? Bravo Lea/Lea’s stylist!


Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad

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So most people know this chick from some vampire show I don’t watch and I just found out five minutes ago she’s not the teacher Dan was hooking up with on Gossip Girl. So basically I don’t really know who she is…but she’s gorgeous and that gown looks amazing on her. It’s a simple color with gorgeous detailing and I am obsessed with the neckline…it looks like a strapless top with a draped one shoulder and I absolutely love it. The hair and makeup is elegant and it brings the entire look together.


Like I said before, I must give credit to those who almost made it but because I’m picky, I just cannot get myself to put them on the actual Best Dressed List. Maybe next year ladies…

Maria Menounos in a custom-made Ralph & Russo

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I wanted this to be best dressed so badly but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I had to get a front and back shot of this one. This dress is custom made (with over 15,00 Swarovski crystals might I add) and don’t get me wrong, it is a gorgeous gown. BUT I do not like how the open back cuts into the front. I am all for an open back…it’s actually one of my favorite things to see on the red carpet…but I am not for side cut-outs in a dress and that’s the effect you get when looking at this gown from the front. That is the only complaint I have. Otherwise, it is a gorgeous dress and it fits her like a glove.


January Jones in Versace

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There’s a lot of I have to say about this look. Let’s start off with the main reason why January gets into this post…I applaud her for taking a risk. This gown is a big risk for both silhouette AND color. The style kind of reminds me of the Atelier Versace gown Anne Hathaway wore to the premier of Rachel Getting Married…which I loved by the way (not the movie, the gown). The combination of the bold color AND the bold style (with the RED carpet) is just too much. I think this dress is more appropriate for editorial. The vibrant blue and the bright red of the carpet is a little to patriotic for me…all we need now is January waving a white flag.


Well that’s enough out of me…how about you? Who were your best dressed picks at the Emmys? I would love to hear from you!


Dana Rebecca Designs

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If you read magazines or watch TV, you have most likely come across a Dana Rebecca design. Gracing the ears, hands and necks of celebrities like Blake Lively, Faith Hill, and Anne Hathaway (just to name a few), Dana Levy’s jewelry line, Dana Rebecca Designs, is a celeb favorite. Why wouldn’t it be? Have you seen her jewelry? It’s incredible!

It’s difficult to find fine jewelry that is still unique and fun, but Dana Levy has really found her niche. Using colored gemstones and genuine diamonds, Dana creates immaculate jewelry, including one-of-a-kind pieces that sell out almost immediately on her website.

A new technique Dana has discovered is carving. This isn’t your normal carved stone…it’s actually carved underneath to get the same design-effect with a smooth top. The result is gorgeous!

What’s so meaningful about Dana’s jewelry is that she draws inspiration from the people around her. She does not design a Fall and Spring collection like most designers. She truly creates pieces based on her friends and family by using their first and middle names to name each piece of jewelry.

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When I sat down to interview Dana, I was pleasantly surprised by how young she was. Graduating college only four years ago, she has built a very reputable business and designs stunning pieces created with thought and care. I couldn’t help but be extremely impressed! Being the successful entrepreneur she is, Dana is quite humble with her great accomplishments. When I asked her how she feels about major celebrities wearing her designs, she says she gets excited but she cannot dwell on it; her entrepreneurial spirit tells her to move onto the next. She also claims, “press is fun, but I still want the average person to want to buy my jewelry too.”

I asked Dana who she’s dying to see have a DRD moment on the red carpet. Blake Lively was her first response. She’s young, she’s gorgeous and she has great taste…it’s the perfect match! Blake has worn DRD on the set of Gossip Girl but still has yet to do so on the red carpet. Sandra Bullock is another celebrity Dana would like to see wear her designs. “I want relatable celebrities to wear my jewelry.” Dana claims. So does that mean Lindsay Lohan is out of the question? 🙂

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

So how did Dana Levy from the ‘burbs of Chicago get to where she’s at today? Growing up with a father who has been in the jewelry manufacturing business her whole life, jewelry was in Dana’s blood.  At age 15, Dana traveled to India with her father on a business trip. She was interrupting his meeting so he sent her out. She wandered into a store where she began creating her own jewelry, which is where she really found her passion. Before Dana Rebecca Designs came to be in ’07, people called her jewelry ITSADANA. When people would ask her friends and family who designed the jewelry they wore, they would respond, “it’s a Dana!” and it just stuck. After four years the University of Texas in Austin and 6 months at the Gemological Institute of America, Dana Rebecca Designs was born.

As for the “ChiCityFashion” question I must ask everyone…Why Chicago? Dana claims, “It’s my home.” And why blend in somewhere where there’s hundreds of jewelry designers trying to make it? It’s better to stand out than blend in, right? Right.


For more information visit You can purchase her jewelry from the site as well.

Keep up with DRD on Twitter @DanaRebecca

DRD in Chicago/Chicago area:

Cy Frederics (Glenview)

Enaz (Highland Park & Northfield)

Frances Heffernan (Winnetka)

Marshall Pierce & Co (Chicago)

Sofia Vintage (Chicago)

**Please note that all photos not credited are courtesy of Dana Levy


Rockit Ranch Productions Presents: The Style Series

Last Thursday (8/19) I attended the Gap 1969 fashion show, which is the first of four events included the Style Series put on by Rockit Ranch Productions. Friday (8/20) was the Sephora Hair and Makeup show, and this coming Thursday (8/26) is the Billabong fashion show and the following day (8/27) is the Roslyn fashion show.

The idea of the Style Series is to bring buzz to the Chicago fashion scene (exactly what I’m all about) and the people at Rockit Ranch are doing a great job of doing just that. Having the series at Underground is a perfect venue to gather a young and fashionable crowd.

Here are some photos from the Gap 1969 show…

Don’t forget to check out the Gap 1969 store at 939 N. Rush Street in Chicago


Ginger + Liz Nailpolish Giveaway

I am very excited to announce that my favorite nail polish duo, Ginger + Liz, and I have teamed up for a giveaway! Five people will be chosen at random and they will receive two of G+L’s new colors, Blowin’ Money Fast & Not On The First Date. Check out to see the new collection…there are some great colors you don’t want to miss out on!

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Good luck!


E Drop Off’s Authenticity Guide

Have you ever bought a designer bag second-hand only to find out it was a fake? Don’t you just hate when that happens? Thankfully, the ladies of E Drop Off put together an Authenticity Guide on their website! Being a company whose business is based on selling second-hand designer goods, it is important for them to recognize a fake when they see one.

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E Drop Off’s Authenticity Guide shows pictures and descriptions of what to look for in a fake compared to the real designer bag. They currently have 11 designers up right now including, but not limited to, Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chloe.

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They even have certain styles of the designer bags to help you spot a fake at a more detailed level.

The Authenticity Guide is meant as an additional resource for customers.  When purchasing a designer item second-hand, it is important for the customer to be confident what they’re buying is the real deal. And when you shop with E Drop Off, that authenticity is GUARANTEED!

Click here to access E Drop Off’s Authenticity Guide