Getting Comfortable

When it comes to getting dressed, comfort wasn’t always my number one priority. I thought “anything for fashion,” “I don’t care how high the heel,” and “I know it’s not my size but it’s 50% off so I’ll take it.” And one day it just clicked. Maybe I can still look put together without faking my way to five inches taller and in pants that make sitting down a daunting task. With trends like boyfriend jeans, oversized everything and flat shoes, it’s clear that designers are on the same page. So, THANK YOU FASHION. My feet are forever grateful.

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The Big Discussion: Designer Collaborations

My feelings towards designer collaborations (re: Isabel Marant x H&M, 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target, etc) have been very mixed. There’s been plenty of articles written either for or against them but after reading a certain story on yesterday it inspired me to think of this debate in a whole new way. This is a big topic in the fashion industry right now so I’d love for you to weigh in.

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New In Beauty: Surratt

When it comes to beauty, I feel the same way as I do about fashion — I’m always looking for that cool new emerging brand that’s doing something no one else is doing (which is pretty difficult to do in either industry). Because this is ChiCityFashion (which is quite fashion-focused) I can’t forget about my other love, beauty. I haven’t touched on the subject in a while (with the exception of this) because there hasn’t been anything that’s really stuck out to me worthy of sharing on CCF. But that all changed last Thursday night…

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