2014 Met Gala Red Carpet (Part 2)

If you missed Jay + Bey, the only prediction I got right, and some Olsen realness then be sure to check out part 1 of the 2014 Met Gala red carpet. If you’re caught up, let’s keep going. We have a lot to cover here.

zoe saldana met gala 2014

Zoe Saldana in Michael Kors

Apparently Zoe was confirmed to wear Prabal (not sure what happened there). Like I said about Solange’s dress, the whole bubble thing just doesn’t do it for me. If you want my honest opinion I’d say this looks like  an American Apparel bodysuit with a fancy printed trash bag and matching Christmas tree skirt. Which KILLS me to say because I usually love her red carpet style. But I cannot tell a lie…

alexa chung met gala 2014Alexa Chung in Nina Ricci

This looks like it would make a crinkling sound every time she takes a step. That is not a compliment.

anna kendrick met gala 2014Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel

One word: meh.

chrissy teigen, john legend, met gala 2014Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, both in Ralph Lauren

John looks baller. And for Chrissy…I can’t get over the fact that you can see everything through that dress. And due to that major distraction (as well as the ruffles taking over her neck and soon, her face), I can’t be on board.

lake bell met galaLake Bell in Tommy Hilfiger

You know it takes a lot for me to love a red dress…and this definitely doesn’t make the cut.


kim kardashian, met ball 2014Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, both in Lanvin

I found it kind of hilarious that Riccardo Tisci dressed “rival power couple” Jay-Z and Beyonce, and not Kim and Kanye (I still haven’t accepted Kim…sorry I’m not sorry). This is probably the most formal we’ve ever seen Kanye and I can’t say I don’t like it (see what I did there?) and although I don’t love this Lanvin dress on it’s own, it’s probably the classiest Kim’s ever looked…and you know what? I think I just complimented Kim Kardashian. DAMMIT!

rachel mcadams, met gala 2014Rachel McAdams in Ralph Lauren

Ground. Breaking. #sarcasm

taylor swift met gala 2014Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta

It’s perfect for the theme but it’s hard for me to love because of the material. It’s so difficult to wear because it puckers and wrinkles very easily. Again, it’s so right for the occasion but coming from someone who lives in leather pants and t-shirts, I just can’t.

zoe kravitz met gala 2014Zoe Kravitz in Topshop

This is what having an “I woke up like this moment” at the Met Ball looks like. Because it really does look like she just woke up…

selena gomez met ball 2014Selena Gomez in Diane von Furstenberg

Selena, you have your whole life ahead of you to dress like a lady. You’re 21…HAVE A LITLE FUN.

jessica pare, met gala 2014Jessica Pare in Michael Kors

No thank you.

kate upton met galaKate Upton in Dolce & Gabbana

Besides the fact that the dress is sheer in all the wrong places, this is way over accessorized — all the rings, the earrings, the necklace and the headpiece. You know that whole “take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house” thing? This is an example of why that quote exists.

anna wintour, met gala 2014Anna Wintour in Chanel Couture

She looks…dare I say happy? She is at the Met Ball which she’s pretty much responsible for making happen in this capacity…and she’s in Chanel Couture. So I’m glad we got at least a small smirk.

allison williams, met gala 2014Allison Williams in Oscar de la Renta


dianna agron, met gala 2014Dianna Agron in Miu Miu

I’m into the dress, I dig the shoes and the bag but this is simply on the wrong girl. You need someone who’s going to own this look and she’s just too…Glee for this.

florence welch met gala 2014Florence Welch in Valentino

It’s very her which I can appreciate but definitely not the dress I’d pick out for myself for such occasion.

kristen stewart, met gala, chanelKristen Stewart in Chanel

This is such a cool dress and on an edgy girl like Kristen, this should work. Maybe the orange hair is throwing me off, or perhaps that smile (not used to either one) but regardless, there’s something a little on but also very off about this whole thing.

lea michele, met gala 2014Lea Michele in Altuzarra

If the dress didn’t have the extra fabric in the midsection, I’d be in love (well that and different hair). But who would ever want more volume in that area? She’s a tiny girl so it’s even more unflattering on someone with her figure. It’s like they had some extra fabric left over and Lea cheated with dairy so they joined forces and made this.

reese witherspoon met galaReese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney

It’s boring, and I expect nothing less.

zooey deschanel, met gala 2014Zooey Deschanel in Tommy Hilfiger

She does always win for worst hair on the red carpet (at least she’s consistent). I can’t get behind the dress, especially with that styling. Probably one of my least favorites of the night.

olivia munn, met gala 2014Olivia Munn in Diane von Furstenberg

It’s not easy to pull off a bright yellow dress on the red carpet but this is styled perfectly. I wish the underlay was a little different — the contrast of yellows reminds me of a partially cooked yolk and a partially runny yolk. But that’s just me being picky (and now craving eggs).

lily allen, met gala 2014Lily Allen in Chanel

You know that little girl who DIYs red carpet gowns? This is next on her list (although I hope she doesn’t even try to repeat that awful hair).

kristen dunst met gala 2014Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

I’ve never been a big Dunst fan (maybe it’s because she suffers from Bitchy Resting Face and people should look a little happier in $10k gowns) but I’m glad she wore this Rodarte dress to the Met Ball because it’s dressy enough for the occasion but weird enough to make it her own.

jessica alba, met gala 2014Jessica Alba in Diane von Furstenberg

Pretty…in a mediocre kind of way.

emmy rossum met gala 2014Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera

Whoa there Fiona Gallagher, you clean up nice (any fellow Shameless fans out there?) I can always appreciated a printed gown, because at least it’s something different for us to look at. I would’ve liked to see an edgier hairstyle to contrast the look but overall, it’s nice but not my favorite.

And is it just me or are there a lot more celebrities than fashion folks at the Met this year? Where’s Lauren Santo Domingo? Bianca Brandolini D’Adda? THESE are the people I wanted to see. But enough about that, we got three more Met posts coming atcha.

Images via The Cut & Vogue

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