Right now I’m somewhere between Sydney and Dallas, hoping my flight to Chicago won’t be delayed (also crying on the inside that I’m leaving this to go to this). But at least I got to experience Australia for a second time (which was mostly just shopping and eating…can’t complain). And speaking of shopping, let’s talk about A-Commerce.

australian boutiques, sydney fashion

What exactly is A-Commerce? Something I totally made up…but it’s supposed to be Australian boutiques’ e-commerce sites (get it?). While I was there, I actually figured out it was basically a work trip. I discovered a ton of new designers (including one that makes almost edible accessories) as well as incredible stores that carry merchandise I’ve never seen anywhere else. Three of these stores happen to have online shops and although the shipping won’t be cheap, it may just be worth your while.

Tuchuzy and Désordre were two of the coolest shops in Sydney. And Green With Envy is THE store in Melbourne. And thanks to the Internet, we can shop them all online!

australian boutiques, tuchuzy

Tuchuzy was right by where I was staying in Bondi Beach. They carry familiar designers like Acne and Alexander Wang as well as some cool Aussie brands like Bassike (who I might just have to do an entire blog post about), MANIAMANIA, and Amber Sceats (seen here) just to name a few. Let’s just say you’ll be seeing at least one What Why Where post with some Tuchuzy merch.

australian boutiques, Desordre

Désordre was the place I felt like was 100% my style. They have almost all Australian designers, including Dion Lee, Ellery and Gabriela Artigas (a recent CCF Loves). This store hands down had my favorite accessories and they even blew my mind with a nail polish brand I hadn’t heard of previously (also my current pedicure color…which unfortunately no one will see once I leave Australia) — Kester Black. Bonus for shopping Désordre online? You have the option to pre-order (and you know how much I love that).

green with envy boutique, melbourne shopping

Green With Envy has a few locations in Melbourne (I went to both, of course). Like Tuchuzy, they carry designers you’d recognize like Proenza Schouler (here’s proof), Peter Pilotto and Chloe as well as their local brands like Camilla & Marc, Sunday Somewhere and Josh Goot. If you’re ever in Melbourne, it’s a must-visit. If not…yay for A-commerce!

So if my blog posts/Instagrams/tweets haven’t yet gotten you in the Aussie mood, I hope this does. Be sure to check out TuchuzyDésordre and Green With Envy. If anything, you’ll learn about some awesome designers that will make you want to make that 23-hour trip down under.

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