Shirting, Dressing + Shirt Dressing

It’s a shirt…it’s a dress…it’s a trend-but-not-really-a-trend that’s taking over runways/streets worldwide — it’s the shirt dress.

shirt dress, street style

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Every September and February, our Instagram and Twitter feeds flood with #MBFW and #NYFW posts (and if you’re lucky enough #LFW #MFW #PFW) because it wouldn’t be fashion week without a whole bunch of hashtags. But then there’s that one on the other half of the globe who gets their turn but once a year and a little later than everyone else — it’s #MBFWA (or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia). You know how I feel about Australian designers so this had to happen.

australian fashion week

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Coachella Upgrades

This weekend, I will be venturing to Indio, California for the only reason I know to visit this part of Cali — Coachella. For my 25 years on Earth, I’ve been a Coachella virgin and as of this Friday that will all change. I’ll officially become a [well-traveled festival] woman (because my outdoor music experiences in the past have only occurred in the Chicago area) but one who will not be partaking in any of the following…

coachella fashion

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CCF Loves: Windy City Live’s Jessie Kalin

Earlier this year I launched a new section on ChiCityFashion titled CCF Loves, where I shared my favorite fashion, beauty and home items (and my attempt to post daily). In the mean time, I’ve been trying to come up with a replacement for Chi City’s Most Stylish (as it was something I wanted to do for one year only yet I still wanted a way to feature other people) so I decided to take CCF Loves in a different direction. And today’s the big day, so here it goes…

The first person to be featured on the relaunched CCF Loves? It’s Windy City Live‘s Jessie Kalin.

jessie kalin, windy city live

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The Sneaker Revolution

Not only have certain footwear styles made an appearance the last couple of years (re: sneaker wedges and slip-on sneakers…you know I’m only a fan of one) but even the classics are making a comeback (good to see you again, Mr. Chuck Taylor). I’m not sure if this whole sporty footwear thing is a trend or perhaps a revolution but what I do know is that…we need to talk about it, regardless.

fashion sneakers, street style

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