Let’s Go Bulls?

We all know that Athleisure has been trending for quite some time now and whether you like it or not, it looks like it’s here to stay (at least for now). However, there’s been a specific trend — a sub-trend if you will — within this category, that I’m actually quite proud of (regardless of the fact that I have zero interest in sports). Are fashion folks now Bulls fans or are they just making a statement? Let’s find out.

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Travel The Barneys New York Way

It’s getting to be about that time again — summer vacation season. Although I think us Chicagoans might work a little differently (as we don’t suffer all winter just to LEAVE for the summer), I’m sure we’ll all get away at least for the weekend at some point over the next three months. So with that said, I got a few tips from this UNICEF lunch I attended yesterday at my safe place (AKA Barneys New York, Chicago) that I think we should discuss. Ready, [jet]set, GO!

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When It Rains, It Pours

I don’t know about you but I’m growing quite sick of these grey rainy days. But when it’s spring time in Chicago, what do you expect? Actual spring weather with flowers blooming and people frolicking in the streets? We get that maybe a few days each spring…the lucky 48 hours of 70s and sun we might get to experience. But right now I’m staring out my window, wondering what I’m going to sacrifice today (meaning allow to get wet)…which inspired me to write today’s post.

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