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There’s something about ballet that fashion folks are just drawn to — maybe it’s the intricate costumes on stage, or the fact that ballerinas are basically models in tutus, perhaps it’s the footwear (although with the decline in popularity of the ballet flat…I doubt it) but regardless of the reason, you really can’t avoid the topic of ballet in fashion. Whether it’s a celeb-crazed workout, a spring gala, or on pointe Instagrams (get it?) let’s dive a little deeper into fashion’s obsession with the dance genre.

ballet style

Lanky, graceful creatures moving their bodies in ways you can’t even imagine doing yourself…AND doing it all in a badass costume? OF COURSE WE LOVE THIS SHIT. Plus it’s fancy and prestigious so it’s inevitable the fashion crowd would be into it. BUT if you’re not necessarily into the ballet on stage, there’s plenty of other ballet-inspired options for you. I already listed a few (workouts, parties, etc.) but the real reason for this post is all about ballet style, as we’ve all seen on Gigi Hadid…

gigi hadid

And Taylor Swift…


And North West (tutus and Balmain are always a good idea)…

For me, I like the look [on other people] but I probably wouldn’t wear it myself (maybe some of the shoes but that’s about it). Although not necessarily ballet style (specifically) I did enjoy Jenna Dewan Tatum’s outfits in Step Up (granted it was 2006 and I cannot recommend wearing cropped leggings and a wrap skirt in 2016). But this isn’t the first time I’ve taken interest in dance inspired outfits.


If you really want to go for the look, you should add a few more bodysuits, tutus, wrap tops, and a pair of tights to your wardrobe…but the easiest way to incorporate this trend is with your shoes. And thankfully, your traditional ballet flats have come a long way (which is especially great for those who are team flats).

jessica alba


The style you see most often would be the lace up variety, as made popular by bloggers and Aquazurra (and now every other shoe brand knocking them off).

 photo flats.jpg

You can also get real extreme with Miu Miu’s new bondage meets ballet flats.

 photo fashion-2016-03-chiara-ferragni-miu-miu-ballet-flats-street-style-main.jpg

 photo pin.jpg

If neither of those are your preferred methods of footwear, don’t you worry…because there are some super cool styles at the bottom of this post that even those who wear the highest of heels might just be adding to cart. And know that although I don’t speak very highly of traditional ballet flats, if they happen to be your jam and you dig this trend you should get yourself a pair of Repettos.


If you’re reading this being like, my body looks nothing like a ballerina so why would I want to dress like one? You’re not alone…but it’s not like you need to wear a leotard, tulle and pointe shoes to get the look (although with Ballet Beautiful, you most definitely can). Just adding one element and making the rest your own is what makes this kind of cool. It’s like Athleisure but with a feminine touch. Because my style isn’t super girly, I would choose one of the ballet inspired pieces and add some edge (bodysuit with a leather jacket, skirt with ankle boots, wrap top with ripped jeans, etc.) That way, it doesn’t look like you’re trying to be a ballerina for Halloween…and it’s May 9.

 photo pin2.jpg

Now I’m curious to see what you think of this ballet trend. Would you wear any of these ballet inspired pieces? If so, how would you wear them? And if you copy North’s exact outfits, no judgment here!


If your dance moves are sub-par, but you still want to STEP UP your style 😉 here’s a few things you can work, work out, brunch and / or Chassé in.


Images via PopSugar, Pinterest, Vogue & Fashion Gone Rogue


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