Best Shoes of Spring 2012

As per request of a stylish male friend of mine (and partially due to my serious obsession with shoes), I thought I’d put together a list of the absolute best shoes from Spring 2012. Sadly we won’t be able to wear these in Chicago for quite some time (if they get made into production of course) but the least we can do for now is admire them.


With the Fall ’12 collections coming up next month, I’m looking forward to even more fabulous heels to swoon over.

Which are your favorite shoes from the Spring 2012 collections?

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5 comments on “Best Shoes of Spring 2012

  1. Since Its Chicago and we don’t want our toes falling from from frost bite… I can daydream and say I LOVE the styles from Charlotte Olympia and Finsk. Droooool over Finsk. They are off the chain. 🙂
    Great post.

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