How Do You Search?

If you’ve ever found yourself typing to your search engine like you’d talk to your best friend on the phone…I promise you’re not alone.

bing rewards

Sometimes I find myself asking questions like “what should I eat for dinner?” and “where should I go for lunch?” (because I’m always both hungry and indecisive) but instead of asking a person I’m asking the Internet. Why? Probably because websites don’t judge my extreme indecisiveness…and it also helps that if I ask enough questions I can rack up some serious Amazon gift cards. What on [day after] Earth [day] am I talking about? Let’s find out.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bing because one of my first major gigs was doing a video for them with Amy Creyer back in 2011 (unfortunately it’s no longer on the Internet and all I have is this blog post to show for it). The ironic part is that the point of the video was to show how Amy and I influence each other when it comes to making decisions (perfect for the indecisive girl, right?) The other point of the video was to show how Bing hooked up with Facebook to enhance search results (so instead of just a list, there’s also a sidebar with your friends’ Facebook photos and statuses that correspond to your search). At the time, I thought it was groundbreaking but that’s nothing compared to what they’ve done now.

When it comes to your typical loyalty program, you have to spend money in order to get points, right? Well, not in this case. Bing decided to be all cool and innovative so now they have Bing Rewards where you earn credits just by searching. See why I ask the Internet so many questions? Sometimes I just search random things to see what auto populates. It’s sort of this [not so] secret hobby of mine.

anna wintour, search

I would think “Vogue” would be the first to populate but I guess Christmas trees and plastic surgery are pretty solid options too.

And let’s take it to the iPhone for the suspenseful auto population of “most fashionable.”

bing search, screen capture

Didn’t realize so many people were in the market for fashionable gun purses. See what you can learn from this strange hobby of mine?

So if you’re looking for the easiest way to earn a few bucks to Sephora or Starbucks or want to help out a charity, here’s your chance. Now if you could just share with me some of your strange search engine habits or what’s in your search history so I don’t feel weird, it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

I’m required to disclose a sponsored partnership between our site and Bing. I have been compensated in exchange for this post in the form of payment, product or experiences.

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