Cape Dressing

If you ever wanted to feel like a superhero without all that spandex nonsense, then I think I’ve found a stylish alternative…

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The cape dress. There’s something so effortless and cool about it. You’re not wearing an actual cape (it’s just part of the dress or even a shirt). It’s one piece that’s unique enough to get people talking, but not so crazy to get people talking shit. Plus, everyone’s doing it now (and by everyone I mean Atelier Versace Spring 2014 couture, Valentino Spring 2013 couture and Valentino Pre-Fall 2014, pictured above).

As well as these fashion folks…

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Clearly Mr. Valentino knows what he’s doing with a cape dress because Karolina Kurkova is killin’ it. We all remember Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at the 2012 Oscars. I think this is when I really started to take notice in cape dressing. Then the most recent Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes just a few weeks ago. All perfectly executed head-to-toe, thanks to the cape dress (and their ridiculously good looks…and stylists).

When it comes to celebrities in this look, it’s a risky move because it’s not a common occurrence to see a cape dress on the red carpet. So once someone does it, they’ll compare it to all of the past ladies who have done it (like I’m doing right now). Word on the street is that’s why Amy Adams didn’t walk the Golden Globes red carpet with the Valentino cape she arrived in (so she couldn’t be compared to Lupita). It’s the ugly word of stylists/celebs vs. other stylists/celebs that I’ll never understand. As long as you’re not wearing the exact same dress as someone, I say WHO CARES? But I guess this is why I don’t live in LA.

So now, for the relatable part of this post (because I don’t think any of us are going to be wearing Valentino and Tom Ford cape gowns any time soon…but if you are then I’m jealous). How can us regular people wear the look? I’ve done it once before in Atelier Azza at her fashion show over the summer. This is really the best picture I have (although this one really expresses my true colors) but you should check out all of her cape dresses if you’re into the look. They’ll blow your mind. So if you’re going to do the cape dress thing, the easiest way to make it work into your wardrobe is to try a shorter option (and there’s more out there than Valentiono Pre-Fall ’14, promise…although a cape dress with lace up flats? Genius). But of course, not everyday calls for a cape dress BUT it might call for a cape shirt. Pair with leather pants and some fun loafers or heeled ankle boots and you’ll be the coolest superhero in town. Or you can combine the two, go all dress-with-pants in a cape dress, leather pants and heels…then everyone will be like “Superman, who?”

So if you’re down to cape dress…

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