You’ve Got A Point

It’s funny that for quite some time, I pretty much refused to wear flat shoes. Then when loafers and oxfords came along, I rarely wore heels. The reason for never wearing flat shoes is that our options were limited to traditional ballet flats, which let’s be honest…are ugly. But if loafers and oxfords aren’t your thing and sneakers are too sporty for you AND you still need an excuse to ditch your heels…I have the perfect solution.

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I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

Fashion can be hard to keep up with sometimes, especially when it comes to footwear. Do I go hidden platform or exposed platform? Or no platform at all with a single sole pump? Should I even wear heels? Aren’t sneakers and Birkenstocks happening right now? WHAT SHOULD I BE WEARING ON MY FEET? Well, let’s just say if you feel like Skee-Lo and you wish you were a little bit taller (and perhaps even a baller) you’re in luck!

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Go Bold In The Cold

When I looked at my phone this morning it said 1 degree. Like why even bother with one single degree? With record low temperatures in Chicago, as well as the showgoers at NYFW actually taking the weather into consideration this year (sometimes you just have to wear pants once those single digits hit!) it wouldn’t seem fair to go on without discussing one of the most important categories in winter fashion — cold weather accessories.

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