Trunk Club Summer Style

The greatest three months of the year can at times be the most stressful three months of the year — I’m talking Chicago summers. Yes, we have amazing festivals, concerts, outdoor feasting opportunities (and that’s only the beginning)…but that means more time out (and less time to think about putting together an outfit), staying comfortable in this not-so-ideal-for-my-hair humidity (of course without compromising style) and making sure you check everything off your summer bucket list (because hibernation isn’t too far away!) So who’s making it all just a little easier for all of us to have more time to enjoy every last bit of my favorite season? Let’s give a digital round of applause for TRUNK CLUB.

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Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Style

You really can’t live in Chicago (or be a human being) and not be a fan of Chance The Rapper. His music is incredible, his message is inspiring and his style is ON POINT (even in a Halloween costume). I can’t tell if I just really admire his style or I literally want wear everything he does (perhaps a combination of both) but regardless, I thought we should get the scoop on some of his most notable outfits (his stylist is Fashion Friend, Whitney Middleton, after all!)

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