Vintage Chanel, Anyone?

If you’ve been looking forward to the day where “free,” “vintage” and “Chanel” can be put in the same sentence (or if you’ve ever wanted to know what a sequin Mickey Mouse looks like in earrings) then today’s your lucky day my friends.

vintage chanel, vintage earrings, chanel jewelry

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I’m just going to get straight to it…want to win $250 to shop the new Cusp floor of Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue? Then I suggest you keep reading.

 photo Neimans_CUSP_005.jpg

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Best Monday Ever

If you’re crazy like me, there’s nothing that compares to the thrill of owning something before anyone else. So this, and my love for Dana Rebecca jewelry are combining forces to bring you today’s very exciting post…

 photo DanielKelleghan-1021-1.jpg

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Meet Archer Townsend

One thing I hear from women way too often is that they need more basics in their wardrobe. I get it. When you’re shopping, it’s seems more satisfying to buy that special dress you’ll probably wear only once as opposed to a basic t-shirt. Then when it comes to real life you realize you’re not wearing a sequin dress everyday and you think you have nothing to wear. Well, I have found the solution…and it happens to be right here in Chicago.

 photo IMG_6894.jpg

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AZZA Belt Giveaway

I had mentioned on Twitter a few times that when I sold everything for Sandy Relief, I would do a giveaway. Now that the donation is in and I happen to have a very talented designer friend named Azeeza…here it goes.


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