How To Make Your Closet Happy

On a scale of 1-10, how happy would you say your closet is? If you have a pile of dry cleaning over 30 garments, shapeless boots and/or wire hangers, you can’t give an answer over 5. Although I don’t know your closet personally, I know an organized closet is a happy one (and also makes for a happier owner). I’m no professional organizer (my personal closet isn’t perfect) but there’s a few things I’ve learned in my quarter-of-a-century lifetime that I think deserves some sharing. Especially something I like to call the Uber of dry cleaning. Yes, this exists.

chicityfashion office

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The Office

After my Refinery29 feature a few weeks ago, I got a hold of the hundreds of outtakes from the shoot and because they were so fun, I just couldn’t let them go to waste. We took a bunch of photos in my home office so I thought it would be cool to show you a glimpse of my day at work…except I’m normally in my pajamas hunched over my computer.

 photo office11.jpg

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WERK From Home

Most people have the same concerns when it comes to working from home: getting easily distracted, not leaving your apartment, and when it comes to the creative industry, being uninspired. Well thankfully there’s nothing good on TV during the day, I tend to have plenty of meetings and events, and I’ve figured out a way to WERK from home.

So for those of you who are in the same boat (whether you’re in fashion or not) or those thinking about making the switch…I want to show you how you can WERK from home. It’s much more fun. I promise.

 photo IMG_6792.jpg

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