What Why Where: Super Cape

There’s something about a cape that just makes you feel extra cool — maybe it’s the superhero reference, perhaps because it’s extra fun to twirl / run / do anything to make your cape get some extra volume. Regardless of why, capes are just super in their own way. Something that cannot be explained. Only experienced. Just see for yourself.

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What Why Where: Shift Into Neutrals

If you look at my personal style posts from a year or so ago, it’s very clear that I used to be all about color. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s hard to wear color in fall/winter, as finding warm clothing in brights is no simple task. I used to get frustrated with this but now I just embrace it…as I start to not wear as much color and shift into neutrals (it’s really not that bad!)

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What Why Where: Burberry Brit

You know I love all things oversized, especially when it comes to outerwear. So today I teamed up with Burberry and styled one of my favorite coats from their Brit collection (of course…it’s a blanket coat!) Perfect timing because it’s that time of year where we’re debating whether to be stylish or warm (remember, you CAN have it all) and this does just the trick in both categories…

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