What Why Where: Black Winter

When I think of the fact I’ve gotten away with two WWW posts in December WITHOUT A COAT, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world (along with every other Chicagoan). And no, this isn’t one of those situations where you see a blogger in a short sleeveless dress and open toe shoes with a field of snow in the background…I actually try to keep my outfits somewhat practical. And what’s more practical than black on black??

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What Why Where: Barely Winter

Of course I decide to post these photos on a day it’s snowing BUT you have to admit we’ve been having a very mild winter here in Chicago, and for that I thank mother nature…because WE DESERVE IT. Although it might be a little aggressive to rock no coat at all this time of year…a fuzzy blazer will just have to do the trick.

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