Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Style

You really can’t live in Chicago (or be a human being) and not be a fan of Chance The Rapper. His music is incredible, his message is inspiring and his style is ON POINT (even in a Halloween costume). I can’t tell if I just really admire his style or I literally want wear everything he does (perhaps a combination of both) but regardless, I thought we should get the scoop on some of his most notable outfits (his stylist is Fashion Friend, Whitney Middleton, after all!)

chance the rapper style

There are very few people on this earth who wear something and because they wore it, I immediately want it (that usually has the opposite effect on me…I like things that no one else has) but considering I just ordered these overalls (see below), I guess Chance is one of the few. What’s super cool about these overalls (and many of the things he’s been wearing as of late) is that because Chance & Whitney are locals, these pieces are by Chicago designers. And how exciting is that to see someone like Chance rock Chicago talent to such major events? Pretty damn exciting if you ask me. Because of this, I wanted to get the full outfit details from some of Chance’s best looks…so if you’re like me and want to wear everything he does, YOU CAN (sort of…a lot of it is custom though, which makes me want it even more!)


Overalls: Sheila Rashid (Chicago)
Michael Button: Kokorokoko Vintage (Chicago)
Tee: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Nike Air Max 1 Royals
Jacket: Publish Brand
Hat: Custom New Era

It’s like when that girl from Mean Girls saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so she bought army pants and flip flops…(but instead it’s me / Chance / Sheila Rashid overalls).


Black Overalls: Publish Brand
Henley: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Nike Air Max 1 Royals
Hats: Custom New Era

Let’s start off by saying if you haven’t watched Chance’s performance on Ellen, watch it now and then try to not want overalls right now. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.


Light up Bomber: Alpha Industries custom light-up bomber – concept & commission by Whitney Middleton, designed by Laura Gordon, Katrina Tarzian, Victoria Houed, Billy Snow (Chicago)
Hat: Custom New Era
(Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb)

It’s going to take me a long time to get over Magnificent Coloring Day. The first thing I said when I got there (about 7 hours before Chance) is that I would have serious FOMO if I wasn’t there. Thankfully, I was…and got to experience the best concert of my life (bold statement, but a true one). I was really looking forward to seeing what Chance would be wearing and I could not be happier with the fact that he wore a LIGHT UP BOMBER. Talk about outfit goals…


Shirt: Kokorokoko Vintage (Chicago)
3 Necklace: Bella Colletta (Chicago)
Lemon Belt: Belmont Army Vintage (Chicago)
Custom Flares: Whitney Middleton x Laura Gordon (Chicago)
Shoes: Botas66
Hat: Custom New Era

NO BIG DEAL that he was at the birthday party of the year, but then being the best dressed party guest? (I ain’t sorry, Bey). He definitely stole the show with this look. And if you weren’t sold on those Botas kicks in my July vibes post, are you sold now? 🙂


Splatter Kit Jacket & Pants: Publish Brand
Tee: WCSP Brand (Chicago)
Shoes: Botas66
Hat: Custom New Era
(Photo by Ramona Rosales)

I feel like every time I see Chance doing something major, I’m immediately emailing Whitney asking who he’s wearing (obsessed much, Jena?) This look was no exception. I already dig the idea of anything splatter paint…but then a fully splattered all white look? COME ON. It’s almost too good.

chance the rapper style


Splatter sweatshirt: Lefty Out There (Chicago)
Hat: Custom New Era

So tempted to just throw paint on everything I own right now…

And this is only the beginning, my friends. I hope you’re just as thrilled as I am to see an incredible Chicago stylist putting Chicago designers (and other cool pieces, Chicago or not!) on a talented artist (who is already big and going to be HUGE). As you can tell, I am PUMPED.

Unrelated to fashion (although I’m sure it’s subconsciously a reason), I’ve never understood why people freak out over celebrities. I understand being a fan but when you see people crying at a meet and greet or losing their shit at a concert, I don’t get it. But when it comes to Chance, I GET IT.

Images via Buzzfeed, Ellen TV & TMZ

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