Chicago Shopping WOW Points Giveaway

Want to win some money to shop local and nationwide deals covering everything from fashion and food to travel and electronics? Well then keep reading… Chicago Tribune affiliate is offering 1 lucky ChiCityFashion reader $100 worth of WOW points to shop on their site.


The best part about this site is whether you’re buying a LivingSocial deal or taking advantage of the great discounts from retailers like Nordstrom and J.Crew, you’re able to earn a loyalty rebate just by shopping your favorite online stores through So for just about every purchase you make through the site, you earn more WOW points, which can be used like cash to shop on Chicago Shopping.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway…

Just leave me a comment here telling me what you’d buy with the $100 worth of WOW points if you win.

You have until Thursday, February 9 at 5pm ct to enter. Good luck!

Disclaimer: $50 in WOWPoints given to ChiCityFashion, courtesy of ChicagoShopping & Chicago Tribune

31 comments on “Chicago Shopping WOW Points Giveaway

  1. I’d probably buy some nice skincare products that I haven’t been able to afford lately. I’ve been missing my M.A.C……

  2. My wife has been getting through the winter with a pretty beat up pair of winter boots. I’d put the points toward a nice pair for her from Nordstrom when they all go on special!

  3. i want cologne body wash for aroma, CURVE(15-20$.) black dress socks($30) to match my black tie-auto show must have, armani exchange underwear(navy blue of black. tighties but not whities)$37. Loreal lip gloss for my date $20.00 a cherry flavor to reminisce LATER & something to wait for as I walk to her door.CAPITALIZ’N the best life- I want to win really bad!

  4. I would spend it on my best friend who has always been there for me whenever I need her. She is a teacher and a wonderful mother to her daughter so unfortunately she doesn’t have the disposable income that a lot of us have, and when she does she’d rather spend it on her daughter. She deserves to splurge on herself.

  5. I’m just back to work full-time so would love to get some stylish accessories to update my wardrobe and bring me into the 2000’s LOL!

  6. I have my eye on some boots but am trying to wait for a sale at Nordstroms. Also, my husband had his leatherman taken from him at the airport, so I would like to replace that for him.

  7. What’s the name of the model that appears in the new online ad for “Win $100 in WOWPoints with ChiCityFashion” This is a picture of th e model: “”

      • I think that picture is extraordinary. I think the way you were made up in that shoot is particularly attractive for you. Have to assume it’s the right makeup coloring/shading, and the facial framing of the hair. Maybe just the magic that occurs in some photo’s from time-to-time.

    • I came here trying to find out the same info. Ridiculously gorgeous woman….Every story i read kept getting interrupted by the visual gravity of that pic… pulling my eye away and wrecking my concentration completely, lol. Was hoping there was a mountain of fashion shoot pix somewhere. Alas, it seems the trail ends here (btw…not a stalker, should she see this message…. just a long-distance ‘appreciater’ of strikingly beautiful women)

  8. The week after the contest ends is a pretty big one for me and my boyfriend – we have Valentine’s Day (14th), our 3-year anniversary (15th), and his birthday (18th). $100 worth of WOW points would definitely help me pay for an awesome gift for him!

  9. I would take the $ and head straight to Haberdash. I would either buy a new shirt or tie, and have that piece be a staple of my wardrobe for the upcoming spring season.

  10. I will put it towards groceries. With 3 kids and my my husband being laid off, we live on 1 income right now. So, we definitely pinching pennies. It would be a blessing, you have no idea!

  11. something for Spring. I just spent 5 days totally stuck in the house with my darling grandchildren age 18 months and 3 months and found myself wearing the same outfit every day -( I did wash is every night) I found myself stuck in a rut that I will surely get myself out of tomorrow!!

  12. I would def buy something from Nordstrom!! I’m in desperate need of a new pair of jeans that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise! Nordstrom sells all my favorite brands!

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