Dating A Fashion Girl

We’ve had a lot of fashion week chats lately so I thought I’d give you (and myself) a break from using words like Spring, adding on the number ’15 and others like “season,” “wearable,” and “genius.” We can all use a little humor when it’s almost the weekend, right? I’ve read a lot of stories in the last year or so about the perks and pros of dating a fashion girl, but it’s not all swag bags and free food…

dating a fashion girl

I came across this 10 Reasons To Date a Fashion Girl story the other day, only to find out this morning it was written almost a year ago (publications have gotten really good at promoting old stories on social media making it seem like they’re current…I need to get on board with this). I thought it was funny and true so I wanted to share it with my boyfriend to see what he thought. Not every point in that specific article is relevant to fashion bloggers not in New York (like your BFA photo number, press trips, etc) so I wanted to pick his brain to see get the cons of dating a fashion girl/blogger. Keep in mind, we’ve been together for over six years, so it would take a lot more than “reasons why my girlfriend’s fashion-ness is annoying” to offend me (and in general it takes a lot to offend me…like the only offensive thing I can think of is being called basic).

fashion couples

So amongst all the cool parties, fabulous people, and free stuff, this is what it’s really like to be a fashion girl boyfriend (FGBF?)

1. You’re suddenly everyone’s photographer…and your photo-taking skills will never live up to her standards.

2. Everywhere you go, you will take selfie (and it’s never you’re idea).

3. You were forced to join Instagram, even though you’ve never posted a photo.

4. You always feel like you’re the least fashionable person in the room, and that’s because you are.

5. If sports is your go-to conversation starter, you’re screwed at just about every party.

6. When your girlfriend asks “how do I look?” you lose either way.

7. You’ve become a chauffeur due to “cab to curb heels” (and you hate that you understand that reference).

8. She rambles about the new collections or goes over each item purchased in her latest shopping spree, it all sounds so confusing yet you somehow know exactly what she’s talking about.

9. You’ve regrettably tried a juice cleanse (also not your idea).

10. Those three little words — “you’re wearing that?”


Amongst all the selfies, blog talk and fully booked social calendar, though, it’s nice to be with someone who has nothing to do with fashion and isn’t involved with my business. He isn’t my photographer (only sometimes for Instagram, see #1-3), he isn’t my manager, he doesn’t design websites…and as much as I like to tell him “you are of no use to me,” (we have a playful relationship, as you can see) I appreciate the fact that he comes to every event I host, he still dates me even though I basically just listed ten reasons not to, and that he’s always there to offer advice when I need it.


Must approve photo before moving on with life…damn, that should’ve been number 11.

Not to get all sentimental or anything (gross), I just had to share. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of reasons to date fashion girl, but you can look elsewhere on the internet for those 😉

What would your pros and cons be for dating a fashion girl? TELL ME.

Street style images via Le 21eme



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  1. My boyfriend is going to get his Psy.D for Clinical Psychology so I love that he doesn’t understand anything about the blogging world and he is an amazing plus 1 to bring to all events. I am cracking up at #5, usually he can find someone who loves Philadelphia Sports teams.

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