You’re Cut Off

It’s already June, which means it’s almost technically Summer therefore festival season and the inevitable influx of denim shorts. I’ve never really been into this style myself…I have a few pairs but I prefer silk or leather when it comes to shorts. But now that denim shorts don’t necessarily have to be cut-off with ass and pockets exposed and at times can resemble a diaper, I’m warming up to the idea of growing my [currently very small] collection of denim shorts.

denim shorts, cut-off shorts

I’ve never loved the idea of cut-offs but when colored denim was big a few years ago I was on board with the colored cut-offs. I quickly realized, though, that my body shape just isn’t meant for these kind of shorts. Unless you have the trendy thigh-gap thing going on (which by the way has its own Wikipedia page), it’s not easy to pull off super-short shorts (and even if you do have an inch or two between your thighs, this style isn’t always the most tasteful). When I think of denim shorts, I typically think of underage girls at music festivals in bikini tops and my old self thinking, “do your parents know you’re dressed like this?” But it’s not that way anymore…

denim shorts street style

Here’s just a few examples of those who did denim shorts right. Keeping them a little longer (but you can still add some edge with the ripped style) with boots or sneakers and some sort of jacket is a more sophisticated route to go while still keeping it casual in denim. I never really think to dress up the only pair of denim shorts I ever wear (these by J Brand) but now I’m inspired to spruce them up with ankle boots and/or a blazer. Maybe even heels! (one day…baby steps)

Now I’m not saying there’s not a time and place for diaper denim (because technically there is — music festivals, only…I guess) but it’s more original and tasteful to try something like one of the styles above. Why? Because you don’t want to end up like this…

vanessa hudgens, coachella


So if you’re going to dabble with some denim shorts this Summer, I’m hoping you’ll consider a few of these (I’m not doing my job if my readers are wearing something that involves exposed ass cheeks…)

What do you think of these types of denim shorts? Are you down? Any favorites? Or do you prefer a more traditional cut-off style? (I won’t judge if you do…unless they look like this)

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