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We’ve already had the big discussion about designer collaborations but that conversation is too big for just one post. With this morning’s breaking news of Joseph Altuzarra being announced as the next designer to collaborate with Target, there’s a lot to chat about. But I wanted to go a different direction today — it seems that us fashion folks get wrapped up in the H&M and Target collaborations, but there’s so many more out there that deserve equal attention. Like what? How about the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund x J. Crew…

j crew, cfda vogue fashion fund

Yeah, J. Crew has really fantastic collaborations that you won’t see on every other person walking down the street (I can spot a Phillip Lim x Target bag from a mile away at this point). It’s pretty great that such a large and popular brand like J. Crew works with up-and-comers to put out capsule collections that appeal to a wider audience. This year, J. Crew collaborated with the 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner, Public School, as well as runners up Juan Carlos Obando and Marc Alary. Honestly, I had little interest in J. Crew pre-Jenna Lyons. She made it cool. But after seeing these capsule collections, the Crew’s street cred just went way up. And here’s why.

public school x j crew

Here’s a look at Public School’s J. Crew collection. I hate to be one of those people who’s all like “OMG I NEED THE ENTIRE COLLECTION”…but I kind of do. If anything, the sweatshirt and the two tanks (and these sweatpants…we can wear them in public now, after all). It’s perfectly casual and cool, just how I like my clothes. So the question is — do I just do a massive add-to-cart or space it out a bit?

Now for the runners up…

juan carlos obando, j crew

Juan Carlos Obando says “the sweatshirt is the new silk blouse” and for that reason alone, I love him already (although he does include both in his J. Crew collection). There’s definitely more of a feminine element in Obando’s designs (at least compared to Public School’s) but there’s variety enough where you could pair your polka dot skirt with a sweatshirt…if you so choose.

And let’s not forget…

marc alary, j crew

Marc Alary says PUT A BIRD ON IT (not literally but actions/designs speak louder than words). For me, personally, I don’t really relate to this capsule collection (except the t-shirt — can always relate to one of those) but if you like quirky jewelry and/or flocking feathery friends then go crazy…

Well, that’s all for now in the designer collaboration department. Although this post wasn’t about it at all, Altuzarra x Target will be available on 9/14/14 at Target and on Net-a-Porter. And the J. Crew x CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collections are available for pre-order online and will be in stores June 16.

Do you have any favorite pieces from the J. Crew capsule collections? What do you think of their CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collabs? And just for the hell of it — thoughts on the Altuzarra thing?

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