Real Fake Tees

My infatuation with weird t-shirts has always been present (i.e. The Ultimate Throwback Thursday) so seeing these ironic “fake” designer tees and sweatshirts on the rise makes me one happy girl.

For me, it just started with a little Giraunchy and now I’m pretty much addicted to these things.


Not only are they fun to wear (especially because non-fashion people get confused and I enjoy that) but they allow me to take ironic Instagrams such as this.


I was especially proud of that one. Not going to lie.

So if you appreciate a good laugh and/or just enjoy a comfy t-shirt or sweatshirt, then you should highly consider owning one of these. Side note: COI is killin’ it and I’m so excited to see some new designs (because let’s be honest, my Giraunchy and Ballinciaga are only going to get me so far in life).

PhotobucketBrian Lichtenberg Homies Tee
Bonus: it’s cheaper than a Birkin

PhotobucketCOI Slander Logo Tee

PhotobucketBrian Lichtenberg Feline Sweatshirt

PhotobucketCOI Benzo Tee

PhotobucketComme des Fuckdown Crewneck Sweatshirt


Are you on board with these real fake tees or would you rather get the “real” deal?

Photo credits: Dan Kelleghan, my Instagram, Tres Awesome


  1. i have the celine me alone tee and adore it :) would be fun to catch up over drinks with you and BJ this weekend!


  2. Omg I am addicted too! I have the Ballinciaga and just got the Celine Me Alone! Maybe we should wear them to dinner on Friday. So excited! Xo

  3. Haha love them!

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