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Plain and simple, today’s post was inspired by Anna Gunn’s clutch from the SAG Awards over the weekend (AKA the best accessory to ever hit the red carpet). And I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I found out who the designer was.

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Edie Parker has been around for a few years now (well, about four to be exact) and has grown quite the following both on the red carpet and with real people (Stars — they’re just like us! But with more money and strangers chasing them down with cameras). After this custom Breaking Bad clutch happened, though, it really takes my appreciation for the brand to another level.

If you’ve ever seen these bags and were curious to know who makes these wonderful pieces of art…now you know!

anna dello russo, edie parker

giovanna battaglia, edie parker

edie parker, street style

Famous fashion folks like Anna Dello Russo, Dani Stahl and Giovanna Battaglia are all doing the custom Edie thing. It’s fun for pictures and of course I’d love one sitting on my shelf in my office, but I’m not sure if I’d actually carry a bag around with my name on it (although Say My Name is a totally different story). Would you?

If your name on a clutch isn’t your thing, Edie Parker makes a ton of ready made clutches (mostly in that box shape) with stripes, glitter and even fun prints like daisies and sharks (but with an average price of $1,100 a pop, they’re not exactly an impulse buy). So, what to do in these situations (when you’re not gifted them like Anna and Gio)? Make a pros and cons list. But of course!

Pros: You can go custom, [somewhat] traditional or funky (so in conclusion, there are options). Box clutches are making a comeback so you won’t look like you’re wearing your grandma’s bag (although everyone loves vintage…so fetch!) You can pretend like you’re Anna Dello Russo (climate-controlled closet not included). They double as decoration (I would have zero home decor if it weren’t for bags and shoes).

Cons: They’re not cheap. Some of the styles might be too trendy (unless you consider sharks to be timeless). Your roommate/significant other may not have the same taste in home decor as you do (which limits your uses to just wearing it…bummer).

I think I’ve already made it pretty clear I’m team Edie. But now it’s time for you to decide. Are you a fan of the Edie Parker clutches? Will you be decorating your apartment with them? Using one as a name tag? Trying to match Marc Jacobs Resort ’13? Or are you going to spend your $1,100 elsewhere?

If you happen to be in the market for some EP…

Images via Elle.com & Twitter

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  1. I’d like one with my name on it if I had a cooler name.

    Just found your blog — I am a child of the ’70s when we were all natural and wore burlap blouses and stuff. I’m still getting over it.

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