eDrop-Off’s Charity Warehouse Sale

This Saturday, October 29, eDrop-Off is hosting a charity warehouse sale at the brand new Hellenic Museum in Greektown. Purchase a bag for $20, fill it with designer clothing and accessories…and you’ll be benefiting the Primo Center for Women and Children.


Shop, mingle and benefit a great cause…hope to see you this Saturday!

2 comments on “eDrop-Off’s Charity Warehouse Sale

  1. Hi there! I recently relocated to Chicago from Atlanta and I am an avid fashion enthusiast. I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading about Chicago fashion from a Chicagoans perspective. This morning I made plans to go to the e-drop off benefit sale and I dragged my boyfriend out of bed and into a bus from uchicago area to Greektown in order to shop the vintage treasures. By the time we arrived at 333 Halsted today there was no one there! We could see the racks and tables where clothes were probably set up before but I guess it was shut down by 2PM when we arrived. I just wanted to know if you were there and if the benefit was a success. What happened? Why did they shut down early? Anyway, thanks for the posts! I’m excited to explore future Chicago fashion events. Please keep us updated and hopefully I will arrive earlier and not miss it! 😉

    • Hi Claire. I’m really sorry about that. The event was such a success, everything was sold out within the first hour and a half so the event ended before noon. They raised over $12,000 for the Primo Center so it was all worth it in the end. I will keep you posted for future events though!

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