Emerson Fall 2012: Dresden Dolls

For Fall 2012, Emerson designer Jackie Fraser-Swan was initially inspired by an antique art piece of a porcelain doll, known as the “Dresden Dolls.” When she found out this originated in Dresden, Germany, which was severely damaged during WWII, she became more and more intrigued, so her research into the 1940s began…and ultimately led to the inspiration for her latest collection.

Some further ideas that are incorporated into Emerson’s Fall 2012 collection include: the black and white images of the WWII aftermath, women’s roles changing and heading into the work force and their development of style, beauty and independence. I love both the masculine and feminine elements of this collection along with the color palette. I’m a sucker for purple, which was one of the main colors seen throughout this collection, and shown with the grey print was a really great combination.

PhotobucketLet’s just say that the ombre wool poncho (pictured above) will be mine.

Images via WWD

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  1. I love this post! I currently live in Germany and it´s good to know about a fashion designer inspired by the history of Dresde, Germany. Her pieces are elgant and intriguing. It´s like every dress speaks of a story. :)

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