Fancy Flats

Last year, I raved about the loafers that changed my life, this year was all about slip on sneakers but regardless of which flat shoe you prefer…the question still remains, can you wear flats instead of heels for a more dressed up look?

Let’s find out.

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You probably think I’m crazy when I tell you that these Jimmy Choo loafers changed my life. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve thought about flats completely differently since owning those shoes. I used to be so opposed to flats. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. In the past, most of our flat options were ballet flats, which almost all of them remind me of little girls (and as much as we all want to look younger, I don’t want to look 10). I could never find a pair that was cool or even comfortable for that matter. Why wear flats if they’re just as uncomfortable as their heeled counterpart? Now that we have so many different styles, materials and colors of loafers, oxfords, espadrilles, etc. I’ve turned over to the dark side…the dark side of flat shoes.

Now to answer the question…can you wear flats instead of heels for a more dressed up look? Ummm YEAH. That is the answer. I love the look of a dress with metallic oxfords to studded loafers. Everyone expects you to wear heels with a dress, so why not surprise them? Although I’m not opposed to more casual options like slip on sneakers or espadrilles, this post is all about the flats that you can dress up, feel good in and most importantly…be the most comfortable (and stylish) one at the party.

Intrigued? Have at it.

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One thought on “Fancy Flats

  1. Love this post! I’m tall so I don’t always feel comfortable in heels (feeling like a freak and towering over everyone is not exactly the best time). And with my husband’s entire family all clocking in at like 5’7 or shorter, wearing heels to his family functions just makes me stand out like Sasquatch. I wear flats most days and am always excited to see beautiful new ones I can add to my closet. I especially love those white strappy Valentinos and the Miu Miu loafers. Thanks!

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