E-Commerce Is The New Black

Not all fashion trends come in typical fashion form. This trend isn’t like owls or curved heels but more like something that gives us more options to shop those owls or curved heels. E-commerce (better known as online shopping) has been popping up in some unexpected places and it’s safe to say that it’s definitely the new black.

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I have noticed “shop” pages showing up more than ever before but after reading about Conde Nast launching their own e-commerce business, then I knew this was more than some coincidental timing…this is actually a trend and it gives us more choices to shop online and more opportunities to become broke. YAY!

Although it’s not exactly true e-commerce, I’ve seen many bloggers add a shop page to their sites the last few years (and of course I’m the last to jump on board but hey, I made it). Some bloggers actually sell things directly (like Sincerely Jules and The Everygirl) but for most, it’s just a curated page of what they’re loving right now (like mine). I’m not saying bloggers started the e-commerce trend but it’s just the first time I noticed a “shop page” on a website that’s not one known for online shopping.

So now we get to more of the magazines and fashion news websites who have embraced this trend. Also not traditional e-commerce, I find what Style.com is doing to be quite interesting. It’s almost like a combination of what bloggers already do (curate) but with a multi-contributor platform (basically you can shop the favorites from WeWoreWhat, SnobEssentials, and of course the Style.com team). However, when you click “buy” on any of these pages, it redirects you to the website (like Net-a-Porter or ASOS to name a few) where you can actually purchase the item. The Cut is doing the same type of thing with their holiday pop-up, except there are no users to follow — it’s just the staff’s picks and it seems like it’s only temporary. I’m curious to see how well it does and if they’ll make this a permanent feature of the site.

The ones doing true e-commerce are magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and locally, Sun Times Splash. When you click “add to cart” you’re actually purchasing from that website and not being redirected somewhere else. I love this idea for a magazine because not only do you trust their taste so you want to shop their picks anyway, but having the opportunity to shop things you see in the print publication is a huge bonus. How many times have you flipped through a magazine and wanted something you see? Then you go to the website where they claim you can buy it and next thing you know you’ve spent 2 hours searching for it, you can’t find it anywhere and end up buying multiple items from that very website, not the original item from the magazine. Next thing you know, you’ve spent 2-3 times as much as that one item would have cost you. Not like I know from experience or anything…

So basically, e-commerce rocks.
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Have you noticed the e-commerce trend at all? Do you think it’s smart for online publications to have a shop option? Or are you over this trend like camo sneaker wedges?

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