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There was a place and time where it was cool to wear logos — Gucci G’s, Fendi F’s and Juicy Couture everything (so the 2001-2006 range). Then it died off for a while and now we’re seeing a comeback, but [thankfully] in a slightly more tasteful way.

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Designers are always going to make their logo bags because people out there (somewhere) still love that and are going to continue to buy it (even if they look like 2005). Now we have a new crew of talent who the general public may not be familiar with but us fashion folks can recognize from a mile away (which makes it quite easy when your sweatshirt screams KENZO, literally). Whether it’s a Rodarte jersey or Moschino bracelet, there’s two sides to this trend…now you just have to pick a team.

So why did this whole logo thing resurface in the first place? I blame Brian Lichtenberg (you know, Homies and Feline?) Those “fake” designer t-shirts became popular early last year and as a t-shirt fanatic myself, I’ve always been a fan (it’s just unfortunate they got so overplayed…damn you Internet!) After that, it seems like real designer t-shirts quickly became a thing (besides Kenzo, Rodarte and DKNY also paved the way for this renewed logo craze).

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So, why would you want to wear something with the brand’s name all over it? One is the obvious — you want people to know what you’re wearing (wouldn’t that make red carpet interviewers’ jobs so much easier?) It’s a designer label and you’re showing that off. Although it’s hard to admit, that’s probably why we wore those logo bags back in the day (unless you really liked how Coach C’s looked in a brown and tan canvas print). Showing what you got was the thing to do and it was okay (until the economy wasn’t so hot then it was obnoxious). That’s pre-2008 for ya! The other reason is that you like and appreciate the designer and find it all in good fun (especially this — this is good fun). You might not even have to completely pick one side, it could totally just depend on the designer. Most people recognize Gucci, Fendi and Prada (they are in just about every rap song, after all) but unless you’re at fashion week, not everyone will understand the irony behind your $810 Rochas cashmere sweater. And as long as you wear it for you, that’s all that matters.

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For me, I’m a little torn about this subject. I’ve been in the Kenzo Jungle, dabbled in a bit of MSGM, even pretended to wear Celine, and I have no regrets. But at this point, I won’t be purchasing any more items with those brand’s logos because I think one is enough (of course that’s just my opinion — if you want a wardrobe full of Kenzo sweatshirts, I say go for it!) Shifting gears to designer handbags…as much as I love Chanel (it’s unheard of not to), I don’t even always feel comfortable wearing it. The few pieces I do have purposefully have small C’s and still sometimes, it’s a little too recognizable for me. The Chanel logo seems to be that one that’s okay to wear no matter what the time and place, yet still I never want to give off that LOOK AT MY CHANEL vibe. Know what I’m sayin’?

What are your thoughts on wearing logos? Would you consider yourself a label whore (scenario one with Gucci G’s) or label enthusiast (scenario two with many Kenzo references)? Or neither? Both? TELL ME YOUR FEELINGS.


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue & Le 21ème

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