In the words of Beyonce, “…surfboard, surfboard, surfboard” (pronounced surfbort, of course). Let’s talk about fashion surfboards, shall we?

chanel sufboard

With it being August 1, that means we really need to take in all the summer we can because it will be over before we know it (not trying to sound like a Debbie Downer / Negative Nancy / Pessimistic Polly, just being realistic here). So I’m going to try and get as much summer love on CCF as possible before I succumb to peer pressure and start writing about blanket coats and ankle boots. I’ve briefly mentioned the Proenza Schouler surfboard (the one that got away) in Fashion People Doing Non-Fashion Things but they weren’t the first, nor were they the last, to make an extra stylish way to ride waves (but let’s be honest…is anyone really using these for their actual purpose?)

proenza schouler sufboard

Alexander Wang just teamed up with Australian surf brand, Haydenshapes, for an installation in the Wang SoHo store (pictured below). All of the designs have a unique marble print and now after I’m finally coming to terms with never getting the Proenza surfboard (trust me, I’ve been trying for about three years) I’m now thinking one of these would make for a fantastic piece the blank wall above my stairs (plus my parents who have been in the stone business for years would be quite proud…you know…with the whole marble thing). If life really is a beach, then shouldn’t we embrace that by decorating with surfboards? I SAY YES.

alexander wang sufboard

Tommy Hilfiger has done surfboards, even the designers behind Beats by Dre are getting in the surfboard business but if you don’t want a designer name behind your board, you can just buy the world’s most expensive one adorned with 23-carat gold (at that point, why don’t you just do 24?) and will only cost you $1.3 million. But with everyone now hopping on the surfboard bandwagon, who started this whole thing? Flashback Friday — hello Chanel 1991.

vintage chanel

Karl just loves his surfborts I guess.

So what’s the fascination with surfboards specifically? Will this start a new trend? Will these become more accessible and everyone will own a designer surfboard even if they live nowhere near water and don’t plan on taking surfing lessons any time soon? Should we blame Beyonce? Maybe Karl? Can someone design one of these with #SURFBORT in huge text and perhaps the little surfing guy emoji? I have so many questions and for the time being, they will remain unanswered. Happy Friday. If Drunk In Love is now stuck in your head, you’re welcome. Share your thoughts on surfborts in the comments.

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