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I know what you’re thinking…OMG Moschino’s fast food collection is so two seasons ago (because it technically is and you’d get an A+). But what if I told you Jeremy Scott isn’t the only one who’s got fast food on their mind when it comes to fashion?

moschino mcdonalds

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a handbag that looks like a Happy Meal or wear a visor that will instantly land you a job at McDonalds, all for a budget-friendly price…you’re not in luck. But you are when it comes to the clothes.

Fast food, fast fashion…same sort of thing, right? A cheap way for a quick fix? Whether you want to eat your fries or wear them, there’s an expensive way to do it and a an inexpensive way to do it. And leave it to ASOS (specifically Hype x ASOS) to let us have our burger and eat it too (doesn’t sound as good as the cake one now, does it?) The collaboration is called fats food (bloody brilliant! is what I’d say if I were British) and features four styles that will give you your fast fashion and fast food fix for under $60 a pop. Chips don’t lie? No they do not. Whether you blame Jeremy Scott for McDonalds-inspired clothing/accessories making their way into our closets or the major trend of Instagramming your In-N-Out burger with an overexposed background (because if you didn’t Gram it, it didn’t happen), fast food fashion is happening. For me personally, I’m not all that into fast food (but when you turn it into a handbag I become a little more interested). Before you decide if you’re on board with this, ask yourself one thing…do you want fries with that?

Whether you want to save or splurge, here’s some fast food inspired fashions you can get your hands on right now.


Image via W Magazine

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