Florals? For Spring?


Or is it?

 photo Givenchy_010_1366450x675.jpg

Floral-print anything is one of those “trends” that’s never in nor out. Miranda Priestly taught us best — florals for Spring…it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s going to happen every spring Season, in some capacity. Thankfully, designers are getting more and more creative to figure out ways to incorporate florals that don’t make you look like you ripped off your grandmother’s couch. Givenchy really took it to another level for Resort ’14 (seen above) but Riccardo isn’t the only one reinventing floral fashion. MSGM, Christopher Kane and even Topshop have some great flower-print pieces this season. Designers are even catering those who typically wouldn’t go for florals (re: these pants, this dress and this shirt to name a few).

Now there’s a lot you can do with this print, besides twirling around in a floral skirt. You can take inspiration directly from Givenchy and do a full floral print suit (or a shorts suit for summer…still really into that). You can easily mix it up with other prints or solids  (remember mixing vs. matching?) or incorporate it with an accessory (so on board with floral sneakers, although these Topshop sandals will be mine). There’s so many types of floral prints and embellishments that you really can’t avoid it. Plus, it’s a nice way to incorporate Spring things without freezing our asses off (floral shorts when the high is 41 today isn’t the best idea…but at least we have floral sweatshirts)

Regardless of the weather, though, here’s a look at some pretty awesome florals happening on the Internet right now.

Image via Style.com

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