When Food Meets Fashion

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that the only thing I love as much as fashion is food. It’s not the best combination because together I’m going to be One [Fat] Broke Girl but they make me happy so I guess that’s all that matters…right?

So I decided to put my two loves together for today’s post.

 photo 2PradaSpring2011AdCampaign.jpg

Ah, this was such a good collection. Banana and monkey prints galore! Thank you Prada Spring 2011.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say it’s a trend but I’ve definitely seen more options in both clothing and accessories that incorporate food. It can be as straight forward as a hamburger on a sweater (only Markus Lupfer) or Aquazzura pineapple sandals…which aren’t as “pineappley” as you may think. And yes, I made up the word pineappley, but you get the picture.

I like how you can choose to be healthy (re: lemon top) or be honest and show your love for pastries with a croissant clutch. Although I [surprisingly] only own three pieces of clothing with food on them (ice cream sweatshirt, milkshake t-shirt, banana sweater…which sounds like a well-balanced meal if you ask me) it’s my goal to put together a full on food outfit for one of my What Why Where posts. I’ll just need some fries leggings and we’ve pretty much covered all of my favorite foods.

Are you hungry yet?

Image via fashionlover.com

3 comments on “When Food Meets Fashion

  1. Lol, very interesting (and delicious) outfits! The pineapple sandals take the cake (no pun intended…)

    Btw, if you’re looking for more clothes to style for your blog, I recommend http://www.CoutureSqd.com. They send you a box of clothes that you can wear for 30 days and for just $35!

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