Gifts You’ll Want To KEEP

Are you sick of hearing about the holidays yet? If so, you’re a Scrooge. If not, let’s keep talking about them (because Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You NEVER gets old and I happen to enjoy a larger man with a white beard in a red suit…only in December though).

If all those gift guides got you confused and you’re just looking for a better way, as always…I got you covered.

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Because I’m on this cool site called Keep (where EVERYTHING is shoppable), I thought it would be the perfect place to put all of the items featured on the ChiCityFashion gift guides in one place AND maybe even shamelessly plug my wish list (which started off as all Proenza then I decided I should probably branch out…and I did so with this very interesting Acne clutch).

As I update CCF with more gift guides (there will definitely be two more to come) I’ll be updating my “for others” Keep collection as well (which includes that very festive gingerbread lady). So if you’re not interested in WHY I chose the gifts (and want to skip over all the hard work I put into these posts…I’ll forgive you…one day) you can just shop everything in one place. BUT if you’re on Keep and you’re all like “why did she choose a balloon animal book end?” then you can head here and everything will be okay.

And I know you’re reading this thinking “these gift guides are FANTASTIC and all but what on earth does Jena want for Christmas?” And because I’d never leave you hanging…that’s why I made a “wishlist” Keep collection full of mostly expensive things that I know I won’t receive this year but hopefully the Jay-Z x Barneys tee or the dog book aren’t too far fetched (pun intended).

So if you’re still stumped on what to give this year (or give me if we happen to be close enough friends where such a thing would occur) then you can always check out my gift guides on CCF or shop them on Keep (as well as my wish list). Here’s a little preview of what you’re getting yourself into…

19 DAYS ‘TIL SANTA (and if you celebrate Hanukkah I guess my work here is done).

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