Glossy vs. Matte

When you look at cosmetics like foundation, powder, lipstick and even eyeshadow…there are two teams — glossy and matte. And unlike fashion vs fashun, you don’t have to pick a side (although you’re more than welcome to if you’d like). Sometimes we switch it up according to the season. Perhaps we even get a little creative  with combinations — dewy skin with matte lips? Matte face with glossy lids? So let’s find out what you prefer.

glossy lids

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the matte face…at least for myself. I think a little shine gives that youthful glow…and who doesn’t want to look a little younger? But then when I see looks like this, I might just change my mind.

Damn Kendall Jenner effect.

When it comes to makeup, matte looks (especially for the face) tend to be more popular in fall / winter and with fair skin. The opposite goes for dewy — more for spring / summer, and with a bit of a tan. And like I said before, if you can’t decide…try some combinations. I love the look of matte skin with a glossy lid, or dewy skin with a matte lip. You can even think about this with hair and nails too. The matte / glossy combinations are ENDLESS.

Now if you need some celebrity references to really figure out what you prefer, think of the ladies who do it best. Want dewy done right? Take note from Gigi, OP and Lupita.

gigi hadid

olivia palermo

lupita nyong'o beauty

Although Lupita has some sort of super skin that has this special kind of celestial glow that I cannot figure out. She’s really just on a level of her own in both the fashion and beauty departments.

Now if you fear you’ll look too shiny or oily, check out the masters of matte — Emma, Taylor and Lily.

emma stone

taylor swift

lily collins

How can you focus on her perfect skin when you have such major BROW ENVY? (I’m talking to you, Lily).

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to pick sides. Not only can you try a combination of finishes, but you can also find an in-between look that’s not really one or the other. Glatte? Mossy? Yeah, I guess the Brangelina thing doesn’t work in this case.

Talk about #GOALS, amiright?

So for me, I’m either into that in-between look or on the dewier side…regardless of my tan status or the time of year. I almost prefer to look a little shiny in the winter, as we could all use a little glow when there’s three feet of snow (see what I did there?) Remember, dewy doesn’t mean oily. I think it just looks healthy. If you tend to be on the oily side, any oil blotting papers and a good powder will do the trick. Not all powders are mattefying either. Hourglass makes this Ambient Lighting palette that has literally changed my life (at least when it comes to makeup). As far as other parts of the body though (well at least from the neck up), I rarely wear eyeshadow and I’ve never tried a glossy lid with makeup…but I do put some Glossier Balm Dotcom on my eyelids sometimes just for the hell of it. For lips, I prefer bold colors in matte but neutrals in gloss. Hair is like skin — you have to find that right balance of shine without looking too oily (and good thing dry shampoo exists!) And for nails, I usually go glossy but I will opt for a matte finish every once in a while.

dewy skin

Alright, friends now it’s your turn. Glossy vs. matte…who do you choose? Any combinations you want to try or you’re wearing already? Like my Hourglass and Glossier picks, do you have any secrets to getting your perfect dewy or matte look? If not, here’s a few you might want to try…


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