Jeans & Gym Shoes

Today’s post really hits close to home because I’m touching on a fashion combination that I’ve always despised (even says so on my about page) but with so many more denim and sneaker options out there today, my mind might be changed. I said might…

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When I wear jeans (I’ve jumped to the looser variety because I’m getting comfortable), I typically wear loafers and when I opt for sneakers (although that’s a new venture for me) I’m in leather pants or shorts (although it is November 1 so shorts are out the window). Last week, though, I wanted to wear jeans and I grabbed my sneakers without even thinking about my no jeans and gym shoes rule. I put them on, I didn’t think I could do it and I went back to the loafers. Now this “rule” (or “fashion don’t” if you will) came about because of flare jeans and gym shoes (like real gym shoes, not Superga calf hair sneakers). There’s just no style to the look and honestly, if you’re going to go that route, you should just wear sweatpants (although I wouldn’t knock you if they were Wang). But now that flare jeans are no longer happening and sneakers have really stepped up their game, can jeans and gym shoes actually be stylish?

If it’s okay with you, I think I’m going to give it another go, starting with “fashion sneakers” (I’m not sure how I feel about Nike sneakers with my boyfriend jeans just yet, although…)

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I figured because my friend Mary already posted this picture of Jennifer and I in London (we went on a bike tour that day and I figured it’s either ride a bike in Jimmy Choo loafers for 5 hours while it’s raining or suck it up in jeans and gym shoes…and you can see which route I chose to go) I should just come clean. The jacket I got at the souvenir shop because London was way colder than I expected is just icing on the cake. Not my proudest fashion moment…

So I think I just decided right now that I’m willing to give this pairing another shot, but I’m going to start with sneakers I would not work out in (but what WOULD I work out in is the real question here and the answer is nothing…because I loathe exercise) and jeans that by no means flare. I think I’ll save my Nikes for leather pants only.

Want to try this combo yourself? Do some fashion math, combine two of these babies, document it with a selfie and let’s do this.


What do you think? Would you wear jeans and gym shoes? If so, how would you do it?

5 comments on “Jeans & Gym Shoes

  1. Love your style and share many of the same favorite Chicago shops. I’m going to be heading to Chicago for a weekend, do you have any shopping recommendations?

  2. There are trends I’ve fought, at first, but I’ve found it’s better never to say “never!” Somewhere down the line, as trends evolve, you’re bound to run into a variation that you’re comfortable with. Before you know it, you’re showing up at North Avenue Beach in a bikini with skulls on it and you’re friends are raising their eyebrows…

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