Episode 23: Wrapping Up Fashion Month + Running A Fashion Brand / Family Business With Jen Worman

You know those people who just do it all and somehow manage to do it all so well? That’s exactly how I feel about this week’s Fashion Friend — Red Soles and Red Wine blogger / t+j Designs CEO, Jen Worman.

jen worman

I’ve known Jen for for a while now, just from being on the blogging scene in Chicago. But what’s so intriguing about her is that she does so much more than run a successful blog. She even runs a second blog with her sister, who also happens to be her business partner in t+j Designs (which you’ll just have to learn more about in this week’s episode!) On top of all this, she’s also created an e-book with her sister on how to get Instagram followers (in an authentic way…very important, friends). Now you may wonder, how does she do it all? How does she find balance? Those were the questions I was asking and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how she responds to this. Jen has a really interesting story as she wasn’t always in fashion. She just set her mind to something, did it, and is doing it SO DAMN WELL (and is the type of girl who isn’t going to settle…it’s only going to get better from here!)

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn more about how Jen got into the fashion business, what it’s like to run a company with her sister (as well as her parents!) and of course some advice for those who might want to run their own fashion brand one day. BUT we’ll be kicking things off by wrapping up fashion month and discussing two very important shows from Paris Fashion Week (one sparking the conversation of yet another round of fashion musical chairs).

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Lanvin Fall 2016
Bouchra Jarrar
Saint Laurent Fall 2016
Balmain Fall 2009
t + j Designs
Red Soles and Red Wine
Tiff and Jen

Images via Jen Worman, t+j and Vogue Runway

One thought on “Episode 23: Wrapping Up Fashion Month + Running A Fashion Brand / Family Business With Jen Worman

  1. I just listened to this podcast today (I know I’m a little late haha) but I absolutely loved everything about it! Total girl boss and such an inspiration. Will be binge listening to the rest of your episodes 🙂

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