Episode 22: Oscars Red Carpet + How To Get A Job Without Trying With Jessica Murnane

We are switching things up this week on Fashion Friends! Just because you don’t currently work in fashion, doesn’t mean you can’t be a Fashion Friend. And my latest guest (and former CCF Loves!) Jessica Murnane proves just that.

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I’ve already bragged about my love for Jessica in CCF Loves, and I do even more so in this episode, so if you’re sick of me telling you how great she is, you’ll just have to deal with it…there is more to come! 🙂 I wanted to have Jessica on this episode specifically because although she’s a wellness advocate / soon-to-be cookbook author / podcaster (so nothing “fashion” or “style” in her title) she LOVES talking about the red carpet. And with the Oscars still fresh on our minds, I knew she’d be the perfect post-awards-show guest. But she does have a pretty great fashion resume you might not know about. I’ve had guests on Fashion Friends who have made the switch into fashion, but Jessica will be my first who did the opposite. It goes to show that just because you’ve been doing something for a long time, doesn’t mean it has to be your career for life (and Jessica has some fantastic advice in this episode so you’ll have to listen up to get the scoop!)

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Episode edited by Colleen Pellissier of Dog. a podcast 

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