What Why Where: The Leather T-Shirt

You know I love a good t-shirt and I live my life in leather, so when the two become one I just throw my hands in the air and wave them like I just don’t care.

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I feel like this week I’m either talking about Topshop or skirts so now I’m giving you both…a Topshop skirt.

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This is why I wear shorts under flouncy skirts and dresses. That and the fact that this is the WINDY city. It really is windy.

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Maybe I should have called this post Leaping For Leather…

WHAT (am I wearing):
Shirt: EquipmentSkirt: Topshop. Heels: Alexander Wang. Bag: Christopher Kane. Sunglasses: Theo. RingsDana RebeccaIwona LudygaAvanessi, Jennifer FisherBraceletsDana RebeccaBing Bang NYCNecklace: House of Waris.

WHY (am I wearing it):
I mentioned in my Topshop Fall Preview post that I never ever wear skirts so I wanted to take this opportunity to bring on a good old fashion challenge for myself and make a skirt work for me. Best way to do it? Add leather of course. Leather makes everything a little more badass and sometimes that’s just what a girly skirt needs. Because there’s no color in the clothes, you know I’m going to have to incorporate that somewhere. I definitely wanted to bust out these shoes because I thought the green would be a unique twist (to be honest, I think they’re kind of ugly but that’s why I love them). But what goes with dark green heels? Dare I be standard with a black bag? Absolutely not. Adding more green could either clash or be too matchy but because there’s some dark blue in the bag (plus it’s totally see through) it’s a subtle addition of color without over powering the look. And there you have it.

WHERE (you can get the look):

Photos by Daniel Kelleghan


  1. You should definitely wear more skirts! They look great on you! And kudos on the jumping picture, I’ve tried a few of those and they did not turn out well lol!

    xx Kate

    Fags and Hags Blog

  2. Where are those shorts from? They are adorable for suiting the purpose that they do! Love this look and the chicago fall!

  3. I agree that leather makes everything a little more badass and I love your uncanny honesty regarding the green heels – very funny!

  4. Adorable. Where exactly in the city is that wall behind you located?

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