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What’s a girl supposed to wear when it’s in the 50s, mostly cloudy and almost always raining while walking for hours and hours on end in London?

 photo IMG_7828.jpg

Let’s say it’s not the easiest fashion challenge I’ve ever taken on (especially when fashion shows are involved) but as always, I do like Tim Gunn says and make it work.

This is the look I chose for a day of shopping at Brick Lane, as well as the Topshop Unique show. You may recognize this dress with pants from a previous CCF post, but real people repeat outfits. And last time I checked, I’m a real person. Obviously flats were in order for walking around all day. I just got these 3.1 Phillip Lim loafers from my new favorite store, Liberty. And a special thank you to my best friend/travel partner for loaning me her PS11 for the day.

 photo IMG_7830.jpg

 photo IMG_7832.jpg

 photo IMG_7836.jpg

 photo IMG_7834.jpg

And because Jennifer just looks like such a badass in her all black ensemble…

 photo IMG_7851.jpg

 photo IMG_7844.jpg

How fantastic is that ALC leather jacket? I’m probably going to have to borrow that next.

Here’s the look I chose for the Burberry show. I didn’t bring many dressy items on my trip (plus again…it’s not very warm) so this was I came up with.

 photo IMG_7953.jpg

I promise you I’m not as miserable as I look in this picture. Although getting rained on in the middle of a photoshoot is not ideal.

 photo IMG_7948.jpg

Okay now that’s better.

 photo IMG_7961.jpg

 photo IMG_7958.jpg

I found this cape while at a super cool shop on Brick Lane called Ilaria Lepore. It’s probably the most practical thing I’ve bought since I’ve been here because I just so happen to only bring boxy shirts and a thin cropped leather jacket (neither of which really go together). So a cape is the perfect piece of outerwear to go over literally anything. But as much as I love that cape, Jennifer really stole the show in my Acne bomber. Don’t you hate it when someone looks better in your clothes?

 photo IMG_7971.jpg

 photo IMG_7972.jpg

 photo IMG_7973.jpg

 photo IMG_7980.jpg

We arrived in Paris last night so I’ll be updating you via Instagram on all of our Parisian adventures.

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