What Why Where: My Kind of Matching

You know those times you’re really excited to wear something then it ends up being totally inappropriate for the weather? Well that’s what happened to me wearing leather pants on a roof top…when it’s 80 degrees.

 photo DanielKelleghan-1020-1.jpg

But I don’t hate it. Thankfully I was wearing this light-weight and loose Archer Townsend top. Otherwise, these photos would have gone down a little differently…

 photo DanielKelleghan-1023-1.jpg

 photo DanielKelleghan-1001-1.jpg

 photo DanielKelleghan-1006-1.jpg

 photo DanielKelleghan-1011.jpg

 photo DanielKelleghan-1012.jpg

 photo DanielKelleghan-1016-1.jpg

 photo Daniel-Kelleghan-1018.jpg

Eating my problems….

WHAT (am I wearing):
Shirt: Archer TownsendPants: 3.1 Phillip LimSunglasses: IllestevaShoes: Alexander WangBag: 3.1 Phillip LimRingsCartierDana RebeccaJules. BraceletsCelineDana Rebecca, Hermes (c/o my boyfriend). Necklaces: Alison Lou, House of WarisLips: NARS Red Square

WHY (am I wearing it):
When I get dressed, it always starts with one item. Whether it’s new, haven’t worn it in a while, or just itching to break it out for the new season…it begins with that thing I can’t get out of my head then I build the look from there. In this case, it all started with the Archer Townsend top I got while visiting their showroom last month. It’s a fun print, it’s wide, it’s extremely comfortable…and the designers are local. Everyone wins. With a loose, wide silhouette like that I wouldn’t wear it with anything besides leather pants (or black skinny jeans…which is just the downgrade from leather skinnies, but I happen to wear both). Like I said, it ended up being MUCH warmer than I had anticipated this day so it’s the only time I’ve ever regretted wearing leather pants. But that’s okay, because I dig this look. I rarely ever like to match but I thought it would be fun to do it for this outfit. Of course my kind of matching is a little different, though (would you ever think a see-through clutch with an outline of a crying girl would match a newspaper print shirt?) I love how the blue and yellow in the clutch look with my orange Comme wallet so I decided to take that color theme and match it to the rest of my look: blue sunglasses, orange lips, and the yellow in the top. I never thought I’d say this…but matching is kind of fun.

WHERE (can you get the look):

Photos by Daniel Kelleghan

3 comments on “What Why Where: My Kind of Matching

  1. Hey Jena, it was so great to meet you last night at Nordstroms! I would love to see you again next week at the Ted Baker event – if you don’t mind forwarding the invitation to my email address that would be awesome! (jennasalak@gmail.com). P.S. the shoes in this post are HOT! I love the entire look from head to toe and your last photo of you “eating your problems” is adorable – would work well for an editorial fashion spread for sure!

  2. That’s my buddy James Townsend!! I’ll be hosting an event for him later this summer and will be sure you’re on the list! -Ellie Forman

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