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You know when something is just so fantastic but words can’t even describe its awesomeness? That’s how I feel about Chicago’s own Maybe Sunday. Whether or not you live here, any creative will appreciate what they’re doing (thankfully they have an online store!) And it all starts with the brains behind the operation — McKenzie Thompson.

maybe sunday

…and her husband Jason! They’re both artists by trade and run Maybe Sunday (they create art and clothes together…the only thing more relationship goals than that would have to be Drake & Rihanna at the VMAs). I actually found out about Maybe Sunday (which is a boutique / gallery / production house / recording studio and I’m sure more titles are to come) a few years ago when McKenzie reached out to me about her Kickstarter for a new brand called Maybe Sunday. I was definitely intrigued. They had a great video on Kickstarter. It was mostly t-shirts in vibrant, fun photographic prints like clouds, gumballs, lemons, etc. I was feeling it, so I contributed and got a super cool cloud t-shirt out of it. Now, almost two years later, they’ve expanded their own line as well as started carrying other brands and just doing other interesting and creative things. If you haven’t been by Maybe Sunday in Pilsen you need to get yourself there ASAP. But in the mean time, let’s talk to McKenzie…

maybe sunday

Why Chicago? 

We choose to live and headquarter Maybe Sunday Collective in Pilsen, the Heart of Chicago, because we recognize the amount of potential and creative talent within this community.

From musicians and artists, to designers and stylists, there is an undeniable originality and hustle unique to Chicago. We are interested in creating a central hub, bringing creatives together from all parts of the city; north, south, east and west.

Beyond our own clothing line and artwork, our vision is to catalyze the talent of these young creatives, and to provide them a platform to design, produce, and sell their works, ultimately supporting their creative careers and endeavors.

Our audience is diverse, spanning beyond traditional demographic qualifiers to include people of all ages and backgrounds, brought together through a shared interest in contemporary art and culture.

Our collective has a greater vision to expand and build upon the arts community here in Chicago by supporting local talent, helping develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the creative field, and cultivating a local and international customer base for Chicago-based art, music and fashion.

Although Chicago is such a big city, it is certainly tight-knit. Since our opening two years ago, we have gained such a sense of comradery among our peers, our neighbors and our clientele. It’s that positive energy and forward momentum that keeps us here, ready to grow, ready to thrive.

What are your top three favorite things to do in the city?

I love to walk aimlessly, ideally taking a new path each time, exploring the city’s parks, neighborhoods, and shops, and catching views of the lake. I love to go to Soho House to workout, meet with friends or catch a film. I also love late-night eats in Chinatown at Hing Kee or Lao Beijing.

What’s been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

The most memorable moment in my career so far was when my business partner (and husband) got stuck in Canada waiting for a new visa and had to wait there for more than a year! (Actually he’s scheduled to be back this October, hurrayyy!) This circumstance, however unusual, has ultimately led us to better in-store and e-commerce business practices, and has strengthened and solidified our partnership, in business and in life 🙂

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Any advice for aspiring designers or shop owners?

My advice to aspiring designers and shop owners is to keep a positive mindset and prioritize your well-being, inside and out! Eat right, exercise, mediate, and smile. Physical energy, perseverance and confidence are key in living each day to your best; humility and tenacity will keep driving you in the direction of your pursuits, creatively, professionally and financially. Focus on serenity and learn to set healthy boundaries and policies. Be flexible to change; open to improvement; execute; follow through; meet people; collaborate, and don’t forget to make time for you!

What’s your favorite piece of art you’ve ever created and why?

Goodness, I don’t think I have a favorite (it’s kind of be like having a favorite kid!), but I can tell you one of my fondest experiences with my art. It was the final semester of grad school, and my studio was full of pink and white neon and print outs of blue skies and automatic rifles. I had a sculpture that Jason and I made together laid out on the floor, The Big Cheese, and I decided to sit on it and read. Before long, I had fallen asleep. On the art! When I woke up, I had to laugh, this was my life, and my life was like a dream!

Like I said, you really just need to get yourself to Maybe Sunday or at least to to get the full experience. It will be your new obsession!

Photo credits: Fauve & Jaja

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