My Interview with Nick Verreos

On Saturday (9/25), I attended the Macy’s Fashion Challenge, hosted by Nick Verreos from Project Runway season 2. Thanks to the lovely PR team at Macy’s, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick. He was the sweetest, most enthusiastic and genuinely happy person I’ve ever met. I did not want to leave the interview…unless it was to go have drinks with Nick…he is a doll! A surprise twist…Peach Carr from this season (8) of Project Runway showed up to say hi and support her friend, Nick. How sweet! She’s just as much of a riot! I had such a blast talking to them both and it was quite a lovely Saturday afternoon.

I had to start off the interview by asking him how he got involved with the Florence program through my alma mater, Miami University. Apparently the head of the Europe program at Miami sent an email to all the contestants from season 2 of Project Runway to see if they were to do any challenges there.  Nick was actually the only one of the contestants to respond to the email. One thing lead to another and Nick ended up doing a 2-day lecture series and tour of Florence “fashion spots” and has been doing this for the past 2 years for Miami students.


To go along with the styling event at Macy’s that Nick was there for, I had to ask him what his favorite trends for Fall are. He responded, “Definitely metallics. Whether it’s a metallic pump or mixing metallics with jewelry. You find some great things here at Macy’s. One of my favorite designers, Rachel Roy…DIE! D-I-E. Rachel.” Yes it seriously went down this way…he loves Rachel Roy. “Rachel Roy has some fabulous necklaces. It looks like you’re wearing five necklaces, but it’s just one and it’s [all] attached. It’s just genius!” This is what Nick describes as “adding a Fall punch” to your wardrobe. Another one of Nick’s favorite Fall trends? Military of course! Not just any military…military jackets…and specifically FITTED military jackets….cargo pants oo. He states [with regards to cargo pants], “Don’t go for the typical baggy kind. Keep it skinny, and ladies…even if you’re not a size 2 you can still do skinny. I don’t want to hear it! I have seen some fabulous plus size ladies who WORK IT! It’s all about confidence…”


Onto the next….Nick has taught at FIDM, he’s designed, styled, done TV hosting and much more…I had to ask him what is his favorite job or what his favorite part about his job is. He responded, “I know I’m lucky doing something that I love…and getting paid for it. I’m so happy for that. There are a lot of people who go through the world, go through life for years and years and years, stuck in a job that they don’t like and they just can’t wait for retirement. That’s kind of sad. For me, I just can’t wait what the next day brings to me.” I think that’s very important and I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to do what you love because it’s better to enjoy life than to just “get by.” Nick then went on to talk about how he worked in the fashion industry for 12 years literally doing every job in the business. He always heard his “superiors” talking about how much the traveled and he was quite envious at the time. Now, he literally “lives out of a suitcase” but he loves to travel (especially when he gets an upgrade…and he thanks American Airlines for that).


The infamous question I ask everyone, because I am ChiCityFashion of course, is “What is your favorite part about Chicago?” and “Do you have any commentary with regards to Chicago fashion?” Nick immediately responded with how much he loves Chicago (good answer!) and claims it’s one of his top 3 favorite cities in the country. Nick goes on, “It’s one of the most beautiful cities architecturally. I love the downtown area. It has some of my favorite stores and boutiques. Everyone here is so wonderful.” Although Nick raves about how much he loves Chicago, he has never been here in the winter or in the super hot and humid summer days. So he definitely considers himself quite lucky with regards to the weather here. Nick says, “In terms of fashion, I think it’s a great fashionable city. I’ve judged Project Runway casting with Tim Gunn and we saw a lot of fashion here.”


Nick & I after the interview

Nick with the first two contestants of the Macy’s Fashion Challenge (first challenge was to style a Red Carpet look in 2 minutes!)

Red Carpet challenge winning look

What a great photo of Peach and Nick

Peach & I after the event


Nick’s last words of the interview… “Chicago is a very chic city.” I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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