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You may have noticed ChiCityFashion looks a little different today (and if you didn’t, well, SURPRISE…CCF got a makeover!) But it’s not just the appearance that’s getting a refresher…


I’ve been debating for quite some time now whether or not to incorporate lifestyle posts here (interiors, health, home, food, etc). There’s other topics I’d like to write about and share with you, and although they may not be about trends, red carpet, or personal style (those will forever remain on CCF), I think they’re things most of us can relate to. Our lives aren’t 100% consumed by fashion, right? (as much as we like to tell ourselves they are…they’re not). Why I’ve been so hesitant to expand, though, is because I am no health expert (I’ve voiced my hatred for exercise numerous times…and I love pizza), I don’t have a perfectly decorated home with amazing natural light meant for great selfies, and my cooking skills are pretty average (although I do have a great half-assed meal recipe for zucchini pesto pasta). BUT I figure most other people dig pizza, don’t live in an Elle Decor home and aren’t professional chefs by trade and for that reason, I think we can learn from each other. Although CCF will remain primarily fashion focused, this is my personal blog…I have no contributors, no help — it’s all me, so why not expand into other categories I’m interested in writing about? So guess what? IT’S HAPPENING.

So besides the new categories that you’ll soon see here, feel free to browse the new CCF. The images you can scroll through at the top of the home page are my most recent posts in certain categories, with the categories hashtagged…because I love good hashtag. And soon you’ll see some other lifestyle categories up there. Everything else functions the same but it just looks prettier. The careers page got a makeover as well, with new jobs and internships featured at the top (although you can still click through to see all job and internship listings, as well as subscribe so you can get real-time job and internship updates). There’s also a few other little things like an Instagram feed and subscribe option in the right sidebar. If you haven’t gotten the hint, I’m pretty much just telling you to subscribe to CCF in some capacity (especially for daily posts — there’s always a few pieces of exclusive content in there…and who doesn’t love a good exclusive?)

So if you like the new CCF, be sure to thank Amanda Dietz…she’s the brains of the operation (and if you don’t, let’s just keep that between you and me). Feel free to share your questions/compliments/concerns on re-design and any suggestions for future lifestyle posts in the comments!

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