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With 2017 just around the corner, it’s almost time for that one night a year where it’s perfectly appropriate to overdo it on glitter and champagne (and curse Uber for suggesting that it will cost you at least $50 to get home). I can’t help you in the alcohol and transportation department BUT I can give you some beauty inspo for this sparkly evening.

When it comes to makeup, I keep things very simple — as minimal as possible without looking like a zombie. But I’ve been feeling extra inspired with a few beauty looks as of late…and they just so happen to be quite the festive way to ring in 2017. Because I consider myself makeup challenged (I still can’t figure out how to apply eyeliner at 28 years old), I brought in my go-to girl for all things in that category — Shannon O’Brien (the only person I trust to do my makeup…which is why she’s doing it for my wedding this summer!) I’ve been dying to try glitter lips (as you may already know….thanks Pat McGrath) and gold eyebrows (a la Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2014) so those two things just had to happen. I though we could use one “low key” look for NYE and considering it’s the one I will be rocking this weekend, I thought we’d go with a glossy lid. But how to achieve these shimmering accents? I Shannon’s got your back.

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The boldest of the three would have to be the red glitter lip. I loathe anything red and sparkly (can you think of anything that hue with high shine that’s not super tacky? Because I can’t) BUT there’s something so damn cool about this red glitter lip…I was beyond excited to try this out. Shannon first lined my lips and filled them almost all the way in with MAC lip pencil in Burgundy then applied the Pat McGrath Venom 2 lipstickShe said the look has more dimension (and the glitter pops more) with a deeper red / burgundy behind the bright red glitter and she was very right. You wouldn’t think there’s any burgundy behind that glitter but sure enough, it really completes the look! After the lipstick, she used a little gloss (we used the Pat McGrath Vinyl gloss but you can use any clear gloss…her other favorite is MAC Lipglass) then applied the Pat McGrath Venom glitter with her finger (you can also use a brush). If you feel like you’re getting glitter all over the place, don’t you worry…it’s nothing a little Scotch tape can’t fix. Just lightly press on the spots that have glitter (where you don’t want it to be) and the tape takes it right off without smudging your makeup. And as much as we love the Pat McGrath products, the ones we used are currently sold out so I linked to some other options Shannon suggested at the end of this post (including the MAC glitter in red).

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When it comes to matte vs. glossy, I’m team glossy 99% of the time. There’s a fine line between oily lids and glossy lids…but when you add a little extra shimmmer, it looks more purposeful (and not just like you’re in desperate need of blotting papers). The base for this is just any thick clear gloss (like the Pat McGrath one from above or MAC Lipglass). Then Shannon mixed in Kryolan Polyester Glimmer (FINE) in Pearl White and MAC Glitter in Reflects Transparent Teal. She recommends starting with a pea size dollop of gloss and gradually adding in glitter. Shannon prefers the sheer iridescent glitters because they still read as neutral from far away but give a really fun colorful sparkle up close. A little bit goes a long way – the gloss will spread as it warms up on your lids, so start small. You can add more glitter to your liking (which we did along the lash line for more of a pop). Also added a few stars for fun (will be adding a few more on Saturday!)

gold eyebrows

Gold eyebrows is the look I’ve been wanting to try the longest, but I really had no occasion to wear it to. I did buy a gold mascara (to use on my brows) last year, hoping I could achieve the golden arches of my dreams…but it left me with shimmer tipped brows (which are fine, but not what I was hoping for). For this look, Shannon mixed clear brow gel (any will work…you can even use hair gel or clear mascara) with Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold. She pulled out the stopper of the gel so she could get more out (instead of just scraping it off the wand) to mix with the gold powder. Shannon suggests adding the powder little by little to the gel (in a small pot) and keep mixing. Once it’s totally opaque, but still brilliant, it’s ready to apply. She used a mascara wand and layered it a few times to get the maximum effect. Like the lips, it can get a little messy with the glitter…so just use a Q-tip and an oil-free makeup remover to clean up any excess around the brow (and to achieve a clean shape). Then you’re basically Lily Aldridge (and isn’t that always the goal?)

What do you think of these beauty looks? Will you be trying any this weekend (or beyond New Years Eve?) I’m not big into New Years Resolutions but I’m thinking mine for 2017 is to find an occasion to wear each of these looks (oh and be a better person, go to the gym more, etc…but gold eyebrows are a priority).

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