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Either you love or you hate the question, how would you describe your personal style? For me, it’s always been a difficult one to answer (although I did so in length in The Art of Getting Dressed and Funky Fresh) because I don’t necessarily identify with the typical categories (minimalist, preppy, edgy, feminine, bohemian, etc.) So I thought I’d come up with yet another question that I think is better suited — what is your ultimate goal when getting dressed?

(like seriously, this is me asking)

To go along with that — you want your outfit to make you feel __________ (what?) It might not be something you’ve even thought about before so ponder for a second and let’s chat about it.

(and this is me pondering)

Typically you want to wear something that makes you feel confident, right? But what makes you feel confident? Is it the jacket that fits you oh so perfectly? Is it your favorite pair of jeans? Or perhaps your most towering heels? Depending on your style and your personality, it’s going to vary from person to person.

outfit goals

For me, I can’t think of one specific item that makes me feel super confident (if anything, maybe an awesome pair of shoes…sneakers, loafers, heels, whatever it might be, as long as they’re amazing in my eyes). But I do have a goal in mind when getting dressed…can you guess what it is?


Probably not because it’s not a super normal goal like looking glamorous, sexy, effortless, classy, professional, etc. My goal? To feel badass (because let’s be honest, I’m the least badass person ever so I just let my clothes do the talking).

Now I don’t need to wear head-to-toe leather with biker boots to feel badass (that might look badass but it’s the way the clothes make you feelall the feels). And like I said, it’s not just one item that gets the job done; it’s the outfit as a whole. For example, would this oversized black dress make me feel badass on its own? Probably not.

But paired with those dope boots and matte metallic lips? HELLS YES.

And pastels paired with scalloped Chloe block heels sound far from badass, but when done with ripped denim and a moto jacket? It most definitely gets the job done.

The combination that probably makes me feel the least badass would be a dress and heels (typically just too girly for my taste) but when it’s the right dress and the right pair of heels (or in this case, platforms) THEN we can get some real badassery here…

And when in doubt, braids (although they’ve become a little basic at this point but I love ’em anyway) and / or a dark lip always does the trick.

Get it? Got it? Good. Now it’s your turn. What’s your ultimate goal when you get dressed (outfit #goals)? How do you want your outfit to make you feel? Is it the same every time or depend on your mood / the day?

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