What A Hoot!

Charlotte Olympia, Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler are just a few of the designers who are having a hoot with the latest animal trend. Care to find out what it is? (I think I’ve made it pretty obvious by now…)

charlotte olympia, quirky bag, net-a-porter

So apparently owls are trending. Not exactly sure why because it’s not something I’ve seen on the runways or the streets the last few seasons, but I can’t seem to shop any e-commerce site without seeing something of the owl variety. Now it’s not the first time we’ve seen a flying animal become a trend (remember when bats were happening?) but it’s safe to say that owls are the new bats.

So why would one wear an owl? I guess you can ask Miss Renaissance because I don’t know anyone who loves owls more than she does. Because they’re supposed to be a wise creature, maybe they’re like glasses…you wear an owl and you automatically seem smarter (wear them both at the same time and you instantly become a genius).

For me personally I might wear an owl accessory just because I think it’s funny but not necessarily stylish (come on…this is kind of hilarious). But will you ever see me in an owl sweatshirt with owl flats, an owl bag, owl earrings and an owl iPhone case? Probably not. Unless you just want to have a HOOT of a photoshoot and in that case, bring on the owls!

What do you think of this random animal trend? (or as we can say for short randimal trend)

What Do You Think?