CCF Turns Five

On this day (or around this day) in 2009, I made a free account on WordPress ( and started writing about fashion things because I was bored in college. I never even checked for grammatical errors, I put terrible collages together in Polyvore and all because I don’t know how to use Photoshop…and I thought no one would ever see this site. Fast forward, five years later…and holy shit, this is my job.

chicityfashion anniversary

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What Why Where: Burberry Brit

You know I love all things oversized, especially when it comes to outerwear. So today I teamed up with Burberry and styled one of my favorite coats from their Brit collection (of course…it’s a blanket coat!) Perfect timing because it’s that time of year where we’re debating whether to be stylish or warm (remember, you CAN have it all) and this does just the trick in both categories…

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