Met Gala 2017

At the beginning of each week, it seems our Instagram feeds are flooded with quotes about needing more coffee, some sort of motivational words to get you to Friday and / or just general bitching the weekend is over. So it’s nice to have a positive spin on a Monday (which we always do when it’s the first Monday in May!) And what’s more exciting than the MET GALA?! (Fashun on fashun on fashun). Given the fact that this year’s theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between, you’d think the red carpet would be flooded with Comme but there wasn’t as much as you’d expect (not the easiest silhouettes to pull off so it’s understandable…although the Met Gala is really your one chance to go for it!) But the red carpet was indeed flooded with see through ensembles and top knots. So let’s see what we’re working with for this year’s Met Gala red carpet…

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What Why Where: Shearling & Shine

When you’re well into winter (and now that we have a foot of snow on the ground, it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon), trying to put an outfit together that’s warm and stylish can get pretty daunting. But when you have a strong outerwear game (the most important game in Chicago) it makes that task a little easier. I like to think I’m an avid coat collector and when it comes to this shearling and shine, it might just be my new favorite.

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CCF Loves: 143 Tees

There’s always that one thing we’re on the hunt for the “perfect” version of — it might be a black dress,  ankle boots or a solid piece of outerwear (especially for us Chicagoans!) — but I’m sure the one we all have in common is one that the latest CCF Loves can solve. Looking for the perfect tee? 143 Tees has got your back (quite literally!) So let’s meet the owners — Jenna Saltzman and Lyndsey Ager.

143 tees
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