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To say I’m obsessed with dogs is an understatement. I’m the person who has to stop and pet every single dog (even though I have two of my own). You can find something dog-related in every corner of my apartment (including my closet). And I’m a total sucker for a rescue pup. Which brings me to today’s post…

paws chicago

For the last four years I’ve been on the Professional Board for PAWS Chicago (where both of my dogs are from) and during that time I’ve served on the committee for our signature event, Animal Magnetism (which you might have already heard about…thanks to [now PAWS alum] Lizzie!) Recently, Danielle Moss from The Everygirl joined the Professional Board and we’ve been trying to come up with ways to promote PAWS as well as Animal Magnetism…and we thought what better way than with a pup shoot?!

We invited a few local bloggers to the Adoption Center to meet some of the current PAWS residents and take super cute photos with them. So be on the lookout for those in the next few weeks on Instagram!

And if you too are obsessed with dogs, you should definitely come to Animal Magnetism. I am actually co-chairing this year (which I’m super excited about…never co-chaired anything before!) and it’s a super fun dog-friendly fundraiser at Morgan MFG on March 24. There’s dinner, dancing, a silent auction and many more surprises so you’ll definitely want to be there. You can purchase tickets here.

If you can’t make it and still want to get involved, be sure to check out PAWS in Lincoln Park. You can donate, volunteer, foster, join the board, adopt…lots of great options to support the homeless animals of Chicago! And if you’re interested in either of the dogs you see here, both Capri (the puppy lab / retriever mix) and Mia (the doberman / shepherd mix) are available at PAWS!

Have you been to Animal Magnetism before? Or to the PAWS Adoption Center? Maybe you’re just a crazy dog mom like me? Share your canine enthusiasm in the comments!

Photos by Katie Kett

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