The Modern Pearl Girl

Isn’t it funny that some things you just despise growing up, you now actually enjoy? For me, this includes tomatoes (then I discovered Caprese salads), sneakers (which I only started liking recently), shopping (that all changed when Limited Too came into my life) and now…pearls.

But these are no longer your country club / grandma’s hand-me-down kind of pearls…

chanel spring 2014, pearls

I’m sure we can thank the Gatsby craze for this (although it seems that craze is on its way out…I think we’ve had enough of the 20s-themed parties). I’ve always thought of pearls as being boring and pretentious. A strand of pearls? Pearl earrings? How original. But there are a few designers who might just change my mind.

Coco Chanel was known for a lot of things, and one of them was her love for pearls. And who would have thought in 2014 Chanel would still be showing pearls on the runway (although in quite the updated way)? THANKS UNCLE KARL.

And it’s not just Chanel, other designers are doing something extra special with these little white balls (or as per Chanel Spring 2014, pictured above — large white balls…feel free to interpret this however you please). From an oyster clutch to adorned brogues, I hate to say it but…I may have just turned to the dark pearly side. It’s hard for me to admit because I could never take a skirt-suit-wearing, lady-who-lunches, decked out in pearls kind of girl seriously (I’m all for personal style but that’s one style I just can’t get behind) but if she’s wearing these Kirkwood heels, I’d think differently.

As per any trend, though, it can always be taken too far (re: the $6,000 Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti heels). Remember those?

giuseppe zanotti x kanye west

In case you’re wondering what that “six thousand-dollar pair of shoes, we made it to the Paris news” lyric was all about, this is it.

But with dainty jewelry and ear cuffs being a thing right now, this is a much cooler way to rock the trend.

pearl trend, street style

With all the new pearl options I’ve seen so far, Chanel really killed it for Spring 2014 but considering those oversized pearls are most likely going to be a “price upon request” situation, you can always settle for the Anthropologie equivalent (and if you’re requesting the price, it’s exactly $48).

If you’re still questioning the pearl trend, take a look at these.

So when it comes to pearls, I’m down if it’s done in a cool and unique way but a simple strand just isn’t going to cut it anymore. But enough about me…more about you. What do you think about pearls making a comeback? Will you be wearing them? ARE YOU A PEARL GIRL?

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